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Indiana Access to Public Records Act


Requests for inspection or copying must identify the record with REASONABLE PARTICULARITY and must be IN WRITING using the agency form


Prohibited Disclosures

(1) Confidential records

(2) Trade secrets

(3) Confidential financial information

(4) Research conducted under the auspices of a state educational institution

(5) Grade transcripts/License examination scores

(6) Medical records/charts

(7) Autopsy records

(8) SS numbers

(9) Foreclosure actions

(10) Fraud hotline callers


Discretionary Disclosures

(1) Investigatory records

(2) Attorney work product

(3) Certain negotiations with industrial research or commercial prospects

(4) Intra-agency or interagency advisory or deliberative materials

(5) Personnel files of public employees and applicants

(6) Executive session records


Lists of Names and Addresses

If agency has created list, agency MUST permit the list to be inspected

List CANNOT be provided to commercial entities for commercial purposes


Confidential Records

Confidential records become available 75 YEARS after creation

Does not apply to adoption or medical records


IAPRA Denial

Denial occurs when:

(1) Designated person responsible for public records REFUSES TO PERMIT INSPECTION AND COPYING; or

(2) 24 HOURS ELAPSE after ANY employee of the public agency refuses to permit inspection and copying of the requested public record


Suit to Compel Inspection

Person need not allege or prove any special damage different from that suffered by the public at large to establish standing


Attorney's Fees and Expenses

Must be awarded if:

(1) P prevails; or

(2) D prevails and action was frivolous