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Inflammation Phase

prepares wound for healing
Days 1-6


Proliferation Phase

rebuilds damaged structures and strengthens the wound
Days 3-20


Maturation Phase

Modifies the scar tissue into its mature form
Day 9 onward


Factors that affect the healing process

Local factors
External Forces
Systemic factors


What are the determinants of healing?

Regenerative capacity of the tissue, vascular supply, extent of damage



* Limited ability to heal
* Lacks lymphatics, blood vessels, and nerves
* Cartilaginous injuries that also involve subchondral bone allow inflammatory cells from bone to gain access to repair the injured cartilage


Tendons and Ligaments

* The potential for repair of these tissues depends on the type of tendon or ligament, extent of damage, vascular supply, and control of movement
* If healing occurs, tendons possess a unique scar maturation phase that can achieve an advances state of repair
* Ligaments heal better with controlled passive mobilization


Skeletal Muscle

* Can be injured by trauma, strain, or muscle diseases
* Healing can occur in some cases through stem cells that can proliferate and differentiate
* After severs contusions, a calcified hematoma (localized collection of blood outside the blood vessels) may develop- myositis ossificans ( formation of bone tissue inside muscle tissue after a traumatic injury to the area) is a rare complication


4 Stages of healing for bone: Inflammation

Inflammation (begins shortly after impact) - creates hematoma, disrupts blood supply, lowers pH


4 Stages of healing of bone: Soft Callus

Soft Callus (beings after swelling subsides) - stabilizes fracture, decreases pain, and reduces chance of fat embolism


4 States of healing of bone: Hard Callus

Hard Callus (3 weeks to 4 months)- Corresponds to clinical healing period


4 Stages of healing a bone: Bone remodeling

Bone remodeling (takes months to years)- Healed fibrous bone is converted to lamellar bone, and medullary canal becomes patent again