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Name 4 "Data Management" tools?

(1) DBMS
(2) ETL
(3) DW
(4) Data Marts


Name 4 "General-Purpose Reporting" tools:

(1) OLAP
(2) DSS
(3) EIS
(4) Dashboards


Name 3 "Reporting: Visualization" tools:

(1) OLAP
(2) EIS
(3) Dashboards


Name 3 "Reporting: Strategic and Performance Mgmt" tools:

(1) BPM
(2) Dashboards
(3) Balanced Scorecards


Name 3 "BI" tools:

(1) Data Mining
(2) Other mining (web, text)
(3) Link Mapping (Netmap)


What is DSS?

- Decision Support Systems
- Tool for General Reporting
- DSS reports assist mgrs in making more effective or efficient decisions


What is OLAP?

- Online Analytical Processing (OLAP)
- OLAP uses multi-dimensional cube methodology to process and report data
- “Slice and dice" tool for:
(1) General Reporting
(2) Visualization


What is EIS?

- Expert/Exec Info Sys
- Tool for:
(1) General Reporting
(2) Visualization
- EIS provide exec mgrs summarize specific area of data into a single visual for execs (ex: dashboard)


What are Dashboards and what are they used for?

- Tool for
(1) General Reporting
(2) Visualization
- Visual displays of info easy and quick to understand
(3) Strategic and Perf Mgmt Reporting
- Provide info that can measure performance or strategic info
- Used to report data, esp live, dynamic results of certain critical info


What are "Balanced Scorecards"?

- Present financial, customer, learning/growth, and internal processes info to give mgmt balanced view of performance
- Uses data from database
- Scorecards are a presentation of data, multi-perspective reports


What is "Business Performance Mgmt" (BPM)?

- Combines aspects of DSS, EIS and BI into integrated set of processes, methods, metrics and tools to measure and manage performance
- Tool to align plans, objectives and strategies w/ ongoing operations
- Systems use enterprise data to analyze and report on performance
- Tool for "Reporting: Strategic and Performance Mgmt"


Name 3 minimum components under "Business Performance Mgmt":

(1) Set of integrated mgmt and analytical processes supported by technology that addresses operational and financial activities and goals
(2) Tools to assist in defining, measuring and managing performance against goals
(3) System to plan, report, model, analyze and monitor KPIs which are linked to strategy