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What is a "Systems Owner"?

- People whose jobs involve sponsoring and funding the project to develop, operate, and maintain the information system


What is a "Project Manager"?

- Responsible for ensuring systems developed on time, w/in budget, and w/acceptable quality
- Develop baseline schedule and budget


What is an "Application Program"?

- A machine readable representation of what a software process is supposed to do


What is "Rapid Architected Analysis"?

- Analysis techniques derive system models from existing system or discovery prototypes
- An example of accelerated systems analysis approach


What is Open Database Connectivity (OBDC)?

- Tools allow app programs to work w/ different database mgmt systems w/out having to be re-written
- A type of Middleware


What are examples of signs the indicate a mature IT governance?

- IT priorities driven by business strategies, whereas in basic IT governance, IT priorities are driven by IT community and/or IT dept.
- This continuum from basic to mature IT Governance exists on factors like how IT adds value, BoD involvement, and portfolio mgmt


What is one reason why IT governance is important to reducing IT risks?

- Bc of its impact and scope across the entity
- Ex: Project mgmt can be seen as a subset of IT governance, and project mgmt principles are critical success factors in major IT projects (change mgmt)
- IT governance considers enterprise, and entire IT portfolio, in its processes, structure, and monitoring