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What technique is used to generate a outline design of the user interface for a website?



"Rebecca has family around the world and video calls them regularly. She needs quick access to her contacts to call them, and the option for group calls."
What is this an example of?

User story


What does User Centred Design focus on?

The User


What type of testing is carried out for user centred design?

Usability Testing


What is usability testing?

Testing technique used to evaluate a product by testing it on users


Why is usability testing necessary?

Often hard for designers to understand the user's exact needs and the user's learning curve


What is the key strength of user centred design?

Focuses on what and how users want to use their product


State some principles of UCD approaches

1. Design is based upon understanding of users
2. Users are involved through design/development
3. Design is driven by user centred evaluation
4. Process is iterative
5. Design addresses the whole user experience
6. Design team includes multi disciplinary skills


What does UCD ensure?

Users are always considered during development of products


What are the key things a design team need to understand for UCD?

The user
The use of the product
The environment for the product


What type of development methodology does UCD work well with?



Why does UCD work well with Agile?

Need to test working elements of the product regularly with users


Why is good for a design team to have multidisciplinary skills?

Need a range of experiences and ideas to draw upon


What are the four stages of UCD?

1. Understand and specify context of use
2. Specify the organisational and user requirements
3. Produce design solutions
4. Evaluate designs against requirements


How do the design team understand and specify context of use?

Describe environment, users and tasks
Develop user profiles and stories


What happens in the specification of organisation and user requirements stage of UCD?

Figure out the goals and targets to be completed
Complete Interviews and Surveys


How are design solutions created?

Using initial sketches, low fidelity prototypes and high fidelity prototypes


What are personas?

Fictional characters created to represent the different user types important to the project


What is a user story?

Brief statement that identifies a user and their need, it provides specific details about a task the user will engaged in


'John is a vegan and he is arranging a night out with friends who have different dietary requirements. John finds it difficult to find restaurants that meet a their requirements and in the past there has been difficulties with orders. He has tried searching online and when he finds somewhere, it is usually booked out. He now only has one day to make a plan'
What is this an example of?

User Scenario


What is a user scenario?

A user scenario expands on an already developed user story by including detail about the user goal, identify any assumed knowledge and state level of user's experience.


What is a use case?

A list of steps a user takes to perform an action. It details how the user got to current position and continues from there.


Give some advantages of low fidelity sketches

Helpful enabling early development of alternative designs
Users may feel more comfortable suggesting changes


What are high fidelity prototypes more effective at compared to low fidelity sketches?

Collecting true human performance data and in demonstrating actual products to users


What is an application style guide?

Detailed definition of the visual presentation of an application


What is an advantage of having an application style guide?

Saves development times
Makes communicating the users easier


Give examples of things the application style guide details

Palettes of Colours
Size of Headings
Size of buttons
Pop ups


Give two activities that can be used to ensure user requirements are understood

Focus groups


Give examples of personnel that could be involved in a design team

Project Managers
Graphic Designers
User Experience Experts