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What is the role of the systems analyst in an IT environment?

Designing systems, preparing specifications for programmers, and serving as intermediary between users & programmers.


What responsibility would normally be assigned to a systems programmer in a computer system environment?

Operating systems & compilers


Company's systems development life cycle:

1) Analysis
2) Design
3) Programming/purchase of new system
4) Testing
5) Implementation


A person who enters data/uses the info processed by a system?



Examples of a Decision Support System(DSS):

1) Financial modeling application
2) Sensitivity analysis application
3) Database query application


(EIS) Executive information system provides:

strategic info tailored to the needs of top management.

1) Helps executives monitor business conditions in general & assists in strategic planning to control & operate the company.
2) Provides top executives with immediate & easy access to information in a highly interactive format
3) Designed to accept data from many different sources; to combine, integrate, & summarize the data; & to display this data in a format that is easy to understand & use.


Responsibility of an MIS steering committee?

Should be formed to guide & oversee systems development & acquisition.


Importance of segregation of duties?

Good internal control requires that no single employee be given too much responsibility over business transactions or processes. An employee should not be in a position to commit & conceal fraud.


Database administrator controls:

database, design of the firm's database, maintaining security measures, & controlling data structure.


What should always be included in the system specification document for a financial report?

Data elements


COBIT framework: 7 information criteria

1) Integrity - Accurate & complete
2) Confidentiality
3) Efficiency
4) Reliability
5) Availability
6) Compliance
7) Effectiveness - delivered timely in a correct, consistent & useful manner


COBIT: IT Governance (5 focus areas)

1) Value delivery
2) Strategic alignment
3) resource management
4) risk management
5) performance measurement


COBIT: Delivery of IT solutions to a business

1)Process& organize = direct the IT process
2)Acquire & implement = deliver the IT solution
3) Deliver & support = deliver the IT service
4) Monitor & evaluate = ensure directions are followed


Public Key Infrastructure (PKI(

System & Processes used to issue & manage asymmetric keys & digital certificates


Security policy supporting document include:

1) Regulations
2) Standard & Baselines
3) Procedures


What network is typically used to effect Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

A Value Added Network (VAN)


What best defines Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) transaction?

Electronic business information is exchanged between 2 or more businesses.


What is a benefit of using electronic funds transfer for international cash transactions?

reduction in the frequency of data entry errors.


Benefit of transmitting transactions in an electronic data?

A compressed business cycle with lower year-end receivables balances.


EDI is best described as:

Computer-to-computer transactions for direct processing.


Enterprise resource planning system is designed to:

Integrate data from all aspects of an organization's activities.


An electronic device that separates or isolates a network segment from the main network while maintaining the connection between networks is called:



Cold Site

-Off-site location that has all the electrical connections & other physical requirements for data processing, but does not have the actual equipment
-Cheapest form
-delivery of duplicate computer hardware
-Usually require 1-3 days to be made operational


Hot Site

-1/2 day or less = fastest but most expensive.
-back-up copies of essential data files & programs may also be maintained at the location or a nearby data storage facility.