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Touch screen work?

There are crisscrossing beams of infrared light in front of the monitor. The computer detects the position of the finger and responds accordingly.


What are light pens?

A light pen is a computer input device in the form of a light-sensitive wand used in conjunction with a computer's CRT TV set or monitor. It allows the user to point to displayed objects, or draw on the screen, in a similar way to a touch screen but with greater positional accuracy.


4 uses of webcams

1. Video calling and conferencing
2. Video security
3. Video clips and stills
4. Input control devices


Disadvantages of magnetic strip codes.

The cards can easily be damaged, especially by magnets. If this happens the card will no longer be readable.


Digital cameras?

Digital cameras have a built-in computer and record images electronically where conventional cameras depend on mechanical/chemical processes to capture images and print it on film or paper.


Bar code scanners work?

A bar code consists of a number of black and white stripes of different thickness. A bar code reader reads the light reflected from the dark and light lines. The lines represent numbers and are read by a wand or scanner.


Application of OCR?

One application of OCR is reading postcodes on letters when sorting the letters.