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Functions and procedures make a program:

- more readable
- easier to debug
- less repetitive
- simpler
- more efficient
- easier to understand by dividing the program up into modules


How do they differ?

(a) A procedure does not return a value through its name.
(b) A procedure heading starts with the key word procedure in place of function.
(c) The call statement of a procedure is not part of a larger statement but stands alone as a
complete statement.
(d) A procedure may return one or more or no values to the main program. A function
must return one value that is of limited type.


What are macros

A single instruction representing a group of instructions, written either by the manufacturere to perform some common task such as input and output, or by the user


What is a query?

A query is a request for data results, for action on data, or for both.


What are they?

A function or procedure is a block of code that can be called into execution from anywhere in the program. A procedure is also called a subroutine.