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Methods of weld testing and analysis are used to assure what?

The quality and correctness of the weld after it is completed.


Weld testing refers to testing and analysis focused on what?

Quality and strength of the weld.


To ensure development of quality weld, what 2 data sources are collected?

Qualitative (NDT), Quantitative (Hardness, tensile strength, ductility, toughness, fracture toughness)


What are the 3 stages of inspection?

Before, during and after welding.


What are the 2 testing techniques (type)?

Destructive and non-destructive.


What are 3 things that must happen before welding?

1. Cleaning, 2. Edge Prep, 3. Baking of electrodes


What must be monitored during welding?

Input parameters, current/voltage, welding speed, shielding gas, and head source temp


What are 3 things that must happen after welding?

Removal of slag, peening (stress removal), and post welding treatment (heat)


What is destructive testing?

Physical damage to w/p and welded joint. Quantitative data obtained.


What is NDT?

Without physically damaging the work piece and joint. Qualitative data is obtained.


What is the definition of a destructive test?

Damage takes place in the component which is being tested while being observed, until damage reaches an extent that it cannot be used for further targeted application.


Destructive testing can be performed in what 2 places?

Workshop, laboratory


What are the types of destructive weld testing?

Tensile, Bend, hardness, Toughness, fatigue.


Tensile test is used to check how the weld joint will ______ and under different environments.

perform under tensile loading


What is tensile testing?

Deformation at different stages and the total elongation of the weld joint till fracture. (Involves modulus of elasticity and yield strength)


What are the two ways tensile properties are obtained?

1. Taking specimen from transverse direction of weld joint consisting base metal - heat affected zone.

2. All weld metal metal specimen: consists entirely of weld metal, oriented parallel to the weld axis.


Tensile test results must be supported by ______ diagram.

stress/strain diagram


What are the two reasons from performing an all weld metal test?

1. qualify a filler metal
2. determine properties of the weld metal in a particular weldment


What are the typical properties of an all weld metal tension test?

Tensile strength, yield strength, elongation.


_____ determines ductility, soundness of welded joints in terms of porosity, inclusion, penetration, and other macro size weld discontinuities.

Bend Test


The outside of the bend is extensively plastically deformed, why?

So that any defect in or embrittlement of the material will be revealed by the premature failure.


Bend of the weld joint can be done from ________ or _____ side depending upong the purpose (whether ____ or ____ side is assessed)

face or root


What are the 3 types of bend test?

Free bend, Guided bend, loading bend


In _______ test between the two supports, the weld joint is placed and then the compressive load is applied for bending to take place.

Free bend


In ______ test, it is performed by placing the weld joint over a die. It offers better controlled conditions of the specimen and of the loading.

guided bend


_____ has a load that keeps on increasing until crack starts appearing on the face or root. Angle of bend is considered as measure of ductility.

load in Bend test


What am I? it is resistance to indentation or penetration. usually referred as a measure of resistance to abrasion or scratch.

Hardness test


Due to applications of heat in welding, materials like hard enable _____ or ______ are subjected to hardening. Materials like aluminum alloys ________.

Steel or cast Irons are subjected to hardening, aluminum alloys precipitation enabled become softer.


hardening and softening phenomenon usually occurs at _____.



What does the hardness test reveal?

Micro structural transformation, any embrittlement.