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Server Core system requirements.

RAM: 512MB
Processor: 1.4Ghz 64bit
Storage: 32GB
Network: 1Gigabit Ethernet


Server with desktop experience requirements.

Processor: 1.4Ghz 64bit
Storage: 32GB
Network: 1Gigabit Ethernet


Editions of Windows Server 2016

Datacenter: Unlimited VMs
Standard: 2 VMs
Essentials: 1 VM, small shop solution 25 users 50 devices
Multipoint Premium Server: Academic only, multi-user server
Storage Server: OEM only, dedicated storage server.
Hyper-V Server: Free, headless, standalone server


What are the 4 different models of activation?

(1) Multiple Activation Keys (MAK)
(2) Key Management Service (KMS)
(3) Active-Directory-Based Activation (preferred method)
(4) Automatic Virtual Machine Activation.


Things to remember about Multiple Activation Keys (MAK)

- For biz with less than 50 users
- Use a single volume license key for all computers
- Computers activate either to a local server (MAK Proxy Activation) or directly over the Internet with MS host activation service).


What is required for MAK Proxy Activation to work?

The proxy needs to have VMAT (Volume Activation Management Tools) installed.


What are the 2 methods of MAK Activation?

(1) MAK Independent Mode
(2) MAK Proxy Activation


Things to remember about Key Management Service (KMS)

- For 50+ users
- KMS server must have Volume Activation Tools installed
- Client needs to connect to server at leatst onces every 180 days (will try every 7 days)
- Server uses Customer Specific Volume License Key (CSVLK) and clients use Generic Volume License Key (GVLK/KMS Key)
- Activation threshhold is 35 clients or 5 servers.


How does Active-Directory-Based Activation work?

- An Active Directory server installs the Customer Specific Volume License Key as an object in Active Directory.
- Min version of clients Win 8 and Server 2012.
- Clients need to periodically check in with AD Server.


How does Automatic Virtual Machine Activation work?

- Host must run Datacenter while clients can use Datacenter, Standard, or Essentials.
- Uses AVMA Keys
- activate from the command line >slmgr /ato


How do you use the Site License command line tool?

- slmgr /ato will attempt to activate online
- slmgr /dlv will show activation status.


What is DCS?

Desired State Configuration. A script that can be used to setup servers and keep their settings in a certain state.


What are .mof files.

.mof is a managed object framework file. It is generated by the dsc script and is pushed or pulled to/from a server to implement state changes.


What is Idempotent.

It means that only the settings that are different from script get changed.


What are the 2 ways to upgrade to Windows Server 2016?

In-place upgrade and Clean-Install + migration.