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What does Project Integration Management do?

Identify, define, combine, unify, and coordinate the various processes and project management activities...


Why is Integration necessary?

PM's job is to do it better, faster, cheaper, with less resources by integrating and optimizing.
Management gaps + functional gaps = operational islands


What is a Project Charter?

Document that formally authorizes the existence of a project (or phase) & provides the PM with authority to apply organizational resources.


How is a project charter used for external projects?

It's the formal contract to establish an agreement. The project team becomes the seller responding to conditions of an offer to buy from an outside entity.


How is a project charter used for Internal Projects?

It's an agreement within the organization to assure proper delivery . It initiates the project.


Who should author the project charter?

The sponsoring entity


When should the project manager be identified and assigned?

As early as possible. While developing the charter and always prior to the start of planning.


Why are projects initiated?

By internal business needs or external influences.


Is a Project Charter considered a Contract?

No. There is no consideration or money promised or exchanged in its creation.


What does the project SOW include or refer to?

Business need (Business Case)
Product Scope Description
Strategic Plan


What is the Project SOW for Internal projects based on?

Based on business needs, product, or service requirements


What is the Project SOW for External projects based on?

Can be received from the customer as part of a bid document (e.g. RFP, RFI, RFB) or as part of a contract.


What is typically included in the business case?

Business need
Cost-benefit analysis


What's the goal of a business case?

To justify & establish boundaries for the project.


What are the inputs for Develop Project Charter?

Project SOW
Business Case
Enterprise environmental factors
Organizational process assets


What are the tools & techniques for Develop Project Charter?

Expert Judgement
Facilitation Techniques


What is the Develop Project Charter Output?

Project Charter


What does the Project Charter document?

It documents the business needs, assumptions, constraints, the understanding of the customer's needs and high-level requirements, and the new product, service, or result that it is intended to satisfy.


Name some Enterprise Environmental Factors

Governmental standards, Industry standards, regulations
Organizational culture and structure
Marketplace conditions
PM Info, PMBOK, Existing Facilities


Give examples of what is included in the Project Charter.

Purpose, Justification, measurable objectives, related success criteria, high level requirements, assumptions/constraints, high level description/boundaries/risks,

Summary milestone schedule
Summary Budget
Stakeholder list
Approval requirements
Name of PM, level of responsibility & authority
Name & Authority of the sponsor or other authorizer


Is a project management plan summary level or detailed?

Either (p 78)


A project management plan has at least one subsidiary plan. T or F?



What determines the level of detail in the subsidiary plans?

The needs of the specific project.


When is a change request needed to modify the project management plan?

Once the project management plan is baselined.


What is a Deliverable?

Any unique and verifiable product, result or capability to perform a service that is required to be produced to complete a process, phase, or project.


What are the three meeting types?

Information Exchange
Brainstorming, option evaluation, or design
Decision making


What should be included when planning a meeting?

Well-defined agenda, purpose, objective & time frame.


How should meetings be documented?

Meeting minutes and action items


Are virtual meetings (audio and video) as effective as face to face meetings?

No, not without additional prep and organization. (Is that a yes?)


Give examples of Work Performance Data.

Work completed
Technical performance measures
Start and finish dates of scheduled activities
Number of change requests
Number of defects
Actual costs
Actual durations


What is a change request?

A formal proposal to modify any document, deliverable or baseline.


What are 4 types of Change Requests?

Corrective action
Preventive action
Defect repair


What is the process of tracking, reviewing and reporting progress to meet performance objectives?

Monitor and Control Project Work


What does monitoring include?

Collecting, measuring, & distributing performance information
Assessing measurements & trends to effect process improvements


What gives the pm team insight into the health of the project & areas of concern?

Continuous monitoring


What does the control part of Monitor & Control include?

Determining corrective or preventative actions or re-planning and following up on action plans to determine whether the actions taken resolved the performance issue.


Monitoring and controlling projects looks at what aspects of a project?

All of them


What acronyms are associated with Schedule forecasts?

ETC estimated time to complete
SV schedule variance
SPI schedule performance index


What is the intent of Schedule forecasts?

To determine if the project is still within defined tolerance ranges and identify any necessary change requests.


What acronyms are associated with Costs Forecasts?

ETC estimates to complete
CV cost variance
CPI cost performance index
EAC estimate at completion
BAC budget at completion

For projects not using earned value management, variances against planned vs actual expenditures and forecasting fill costs is used.


What is the intent of Costs Forecasts?

To see if the project is still within tolerance ranges or if a change request is needed.