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Willem De Kooning

Women 1 1950 - 1952

To make the women 1 it took 200 tries

Females on billboards partly inspire the women 1


Hans Hofmann

The Gate 1959 - 1960

Was made part of a series devoted to architect ionic

Hans Hofmann believed that student should work from nature


Jackson Pollock

Number 1, 1950

Work consist of rhythmic drips, splatter, and dribble of paint.

He uses oils paint, aluminum paint, and house enamels in his art.


Mark rothko

No 14 1961

Rothko saw his paintings as a doorway to another reality.

Rothko insisted that color could express basic human emotions.


Robert Motherwell

Elegy to the Spanish republican 108. 1965 - 1967

Motherwell was attracted to surrealist principles of automatism.

Motherwell completed over 100 paintings between 1948 and 1967


Pablo Picasso

Massacre in Korea 1951

Massacre is drawn from Francisco Goya's painting. The third of May 1808

Massacre is divided in to 2 parts. The left group make women and the right group naked Knights.


Fernand Leger

The constructors 1950

The figures in the constructors look cartoonish

Some paintings allowed abstract shapes to interact as characters in themselves.


Henri matisse

Blue nude 1952

Blue nude was made during henri Matisse late years.

The cutout became virtually his only means of expression during Henri Matisse last years.


Joan miro

Painting 1953

By 1940 miros was making canvas on a much larger scale and broader making

Painting 1953 is about 6 feet by 12 feet


Francis bacon

Study after velàzquez's portrait of pape innocent X. 1953

Study after velàzquez's portrait of pape innocent X is a distorted version of the portrait of innocent X painting by Diego.

Study after velàzquez's portrait of pape innocent X is one of 45 series


Josef Albers

Study for homage to the square: beaming 1963

Homage square became Albert signature series

Albert died in 1976


Ellsworth Kelly

Orange Red Reflection

Began painting monochrome panels in the 1950

In orange red reflection kelly set the canvass to unique depth did by side


Hellen Frankenstein

Mauve District 1966

Helen always has been concerned with painting that simultaneously insist on a flat surface


Morris Louis

Alpha Phi 1961

Alpha Phi belongs to a series called unfurleds

Louis had only one attempt to creat Alpha phi


Frank Stella

Harran 2 1967

When stella introduced curves into his work it marked the beginning of the protractor series.

Harran 2 is composed of a full circle form of
Two protectors.


Jasper Johns


Jasper sought to draw attention to common objects

John cold work rapidly


Roy Lichtenstein


Whaam was published by DC comics in 1962

Lichtenstein commonly drew comic images or advertisements.


Richard Hamilton

Just what is it that makes today's home different so appealing? 1956

Was inspired by Duchamp ideas.

Includes reference to mass media.


Christo & Jeanne Claude

Surrounding island 1980 - 83

Used 6.5 million square feet of floating pink fabric

Surrounded 11 islands


Andy warhol

Green coca cola bottles 1962

Selected a an icon of mass produced Custer

Used visual vocabulary and printing technique that reinforced the images connecting to consumer cutler