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Intermediate reformer workout

Footwork 3-4 s. 10-12 reps
Toes apart heels together
Wrap toes on bar
Heels on bar
High half toe
Lower and lift
Second position 3-4 s. 10-12 r
Laterally rotated
Medially rotated
Single leg 2 s. 5-10 r
One leg bent
Single heel
Hundred 2 s. 10 sets
Bend and stretch 2 s. 10 r
Laterally rotated
Medially rotated
Short spine 2 s. 5 r
Beats 2 s 10 r
Frog 2 s 5 r
Stag 2 s 5 r
Coordination 2 s. 5 r
Back rowing 2 s. 5 r
Round back
Straight back
Front rowing 1-2 s. 5 r
Arm circles
Round forward with arm circles
Second position or Offering
Stomach massage 2-3 s 10 r
Round back
Straight back
LONG BOX Arms pulling straps 1 s. 5 r
Plow 1 s. 5 r
Airplane 1 s 5 r
Triceps 1 s 5 r
Backstroke prep 2 s 10 r
Feet pulling straps 1 s 10 r
Hamstring curls
Kneeling one leg pull
Knee lift
Side lying one leg pull
SHORT BOX 2 s 5 r
Round back
Straight back
Twist with round back 3 r
Lean 3 r
Tree 2 s 3 r
Mermaid 2 s 3-5 r
Side bend
Bow and arrow
Long stretch 1-2 s 5 r
Down stretch 2 s 3 r
Up stretch 1-2 s 5 r
Elephant 1-2 s 10 r
Round back
Straight back
Semicircle 2 s 3 r
Chest expansion 1-2 s 6 reps alternating head
Chest expansion
Side arm preps kneeling 1-2 s. 5 r
Internal rotation
External rotation
Long arm adduction
Long arm abduction
Side twist kneeling 1-2 s 5 r
Reverse expansion 1-2 s 4 r
Straight forward
Teardrops outward
Teardrops inward
Biceps curls
Mermaid 1 s 3-5 r
Mermaid with rotation
Leg circles 2 s 10 r
Laterally rotated
Medically rotated
Long spine 2 s 3 reach direction
Knee stretches 1 s 10 r
Round back
Straight back
Extended back
Knees off
Running 2-3 s 20-60 r
Hip lift 2-3 s 10 r
Hip rolls 2-3 s 5-10 r
Single thigh stretch 2 s on one side 5 r
Front splits 2s 5 r
Back splits 1-2 s 5 r
Side splits 8-10 r
Abduction 1-2 s
Adduction 1/2 - 1 s
Plié out 1/2 - 2 s
Plie in 1/2 - 2 s
Carriage leg pressing 1/2 - 2 s
Platform leg pressing 1/2 - 2 s
Skating 1/2 - 2 s
Star prep 1-2 s 5 r each side


Cue footwork, toes apart heels together

Start: supine, pelvis and spine neutral, arms long by sides of body, palms down, balls of feet in footbar, toes apart, heels together, legs laterally rotated, knees flexed just wider than shoulder-distance apart, knees pointing over center of feet.
3-4 springs
10-12 reps
Inhale, squeeze heels together and extend knees to push carriage out
Exhale, flex knees and hips, control return of carriage

Inhale, keep heels still and push out
Exhale, return carriage

Inhale, extend knees fully without locking
Exhale, flex knees and hips to return

Inhale, using vasti to track patella as knees and hips extend
Control the carriage as you exhale to return

Inhale through the nose, extend
Exhale, through pursed lips and return

Inhale into the sides and back of the ribs
Exhale deeply to help engage the transversus abdominis

Inhale, extend knees and hips
Exhale, transversus abdominis compresses to stabilize lumbar spine

Inhale, stabilize your scapula and relax your shoulders
Return, keep abs engaged

Inhale, squeeze heels together to fire adductors, helping to activate deep pelvic floor muscles and TA
Exhale, return with control


Cue footwork, wrap toes on bar

Start: gently wrap distal ends of toes around footbar. Legs parallel and adducted, knees flexed
3-4 springs
10-12 reps

Inhale, keep heels still in space, push out
Exhale, control return of carriage

Inhale, a tray set on the triangle formed by ASIS and pubic symphysis should remain parallel to the carriage
Exhale, flex knees and hips

Breathe in, your neutral spine has its regular anterior convex curve
Breathe out, to return

Push the carriage out as you inhale
Control the carriage back,

Inhale extend out
Exhale, the neutral spine to promote efficient movement of the limbs


Cue footwork, heels on bar