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Define 'international law'

Body of law governing relationship between nations


How is international law created?

Through negotiations between countries - treaties.


Define ratification

When the national govt. Enacts a domestic law accepting terms and conditions of the international law


Define state sovereignty

Each nations has the right to make their own decisions


How does state sovereignty affect operation of international law

- nation has right to refuse to participate in international law
- nation has right to refuse to participate in hearings of international courts/tribunals


Differentiate of ICJ and ICC

International Court of Justice is the main judicial organisation of the UN. Decides disputes brought forward by member nations and offers legal advice on matters of international law - FOR NATIONS
International Criminal Court deals with individuals who have been accused of the most serious of international crime; ie. genocide, crimes against humanity and serious war crimes


Main roles of UN?

- maintain and establish world peace
- promote social progress, better living standards and human rights
- centre for harmonising actions of nations to achieve goals


Function of General Assembly?

Pass resolutions relating to operations of the UN and pass resolutions relating to conflicts between nations.
Power to create new UN bodies.


Role of Security Council

Maintain peace