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Define law reform

Process that reviews out existing laws and recommends or introduced changes to them, usually with aim of improving justice or efficiency.


Why is law reform important?

Improves justice and efficiency and so without law reform, laws would lose relevance over time and could create, rather than remove, injustice. Results in widespread loss of support for legal system an without public support, legal system could not function properly.


How does international law influence process of law reform in Aust.?

Commonwealth Parliament must pass legislation meeting their international obligations in order to give it legal force. As body of international law increases, Australia will nee to consider reforming more of their laws.


How advances in technology introduce need for law reform?

Advances in technology require continual review of existing laws. Eg. Growth in use of chat rooms and cyber bullying using computers may raise issues concerning acceptable conduct on the net, privacy issues and problems associated with enforcing laws relating to use of internet.


Conditions giving the need for law reform?

Changing composition of Australia, social values and morality