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Preferred materials of the style

Glass, steel, reinforced concrete


Overview of aesthetics

Radical simplification of form and rejection of applied ornament


When did it emerge

Developed in Europe and the USA in the 1290s an d 30s


relationship between form and function?

A clear one; honest expression of structure


How do they achieve the weightless quality of their buildings

Often has large and open interior spaces

overall sense of weightlessness made possible by the use if cantilever construction


How do classical principles link to the style

It shares the classical principle of emphasis on regularity and balance


when was the term 'International Style' first used

in 1932 by Henry-Russell Hitchcock and Philip Johnson when they wrote an essay named the international style


what three phenomena did the style grow out of

1. architect's were dissatisfied by the constant merging of different periods and styles within buildings

2. the mass creation of office buildings to accommodate for the rapidly industrialising society

3. development of new building technologies that centred around glass, steel and concrete


The international style can be summed up as a harmony between ....

A harmony between artistic expression, function, and technology established in an austere and disciplined new architecture


What were Le Corbusier's five Point of a new architecture

1. Flexible façade
2. Piloti - raise the building
3. Reinforced concrete frame - no ad-bearing walls needed
4. ribbon windows - horizontal
5. Roof gardens - reclaim the land


Villa Tugendhat
Location, date, architect

Brno, Czech Republic, 1930
Ludwig Mies van der Rohe


Villa Savoye
location, date, architect

Poissy, 1928-31
Le Corbusier


The de La Warr Pavilion
location, date, architect

Bexhill on Sea, Sussex, 1933-35
Erich Mendelsohn