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Why do you want to be a pilot?

• give back to Australia
• to be a leader
• to fly


Why do you want to fly?

• challenging & liberating
• lead a 4-ship of Super Hornets on mission
• highly specific mission profile
• The responsibility & the challenge
• the purpose


Why do you want to protect Australia?

• worthy of protection
• give back to country


How will you cope living away from home?

• Moved out when I was 17
• used to keeping in contact


How do you respond to criticism?

• team sports have taught me to deal with criticism well
• take ego out of the situation


What do you do after you have failed something?

• something to learn
• try again


Give an example of when you have responded to failure in this way.

• premier soccer side in high school
• set goal
• trained hard
• got player of the season


How long have you wanted to be a pilot and what started your ambition?

• Grandfather gave me model spitfire
• passion just grown from there
• air shows, aviation


Will you want to remain in the service if you fail the pilots course?

• confident I’ll pass
• be disappointed
• want to be a leader as well
• ADF offers such an opportunity


How do you handle discipline?

• best teachers used discipline
• essential in my own life


How do you cope with pressure situations?

• one of my best attributes
• calm but decisive
• able to think quickly


Give an example of your handling of a pressure situation.

• room mate came home with our friend mildly intoxicated
• started complaining about his heart before passing out
• co-ordinated ambos to get to apartment
• performed medical care
• he made a full recovery


What are your greatest achievements to date?

• The person i have become
• Do my family proud
• Constantly improving and getting stronger


Describe your own personality.

• Doggedly determined (sport)
• Competitive (sport)
• Progressive (weaknesses)
• Optimistic


How do you perform working with a team?

• very well
• enjoy teamwork
• lots of practice


What can you tell me to prove that you have the motivation to pass the pilots course?

• where i want to be 1 - 15 years from now
• This is my dream


What do you consider to be your greatest weakness?

• remembering peoples names when I meet them
• improved a-lot
• important leadership skill
• practice to achieve goal


What is another weakness?

• swimmer
• recognised weakness
• joined volunteer SLS


What is a third weakness?

• public speaking
• felt like it was something I could be good at
• loads of confidence now


Why should the ADF hire you over some of the other applicants that are being interviewed today?

• dogged and hard worker
• passionate about flying
• serious about protecting Australia and leading to the best of my ability


Where do you see yourself in 15 years?



What makes a good leader?

• Confident
• Optimistic
• Reliable
• Lead by example
• Go above and beyond what is necessary


Give an example of a good leader.

• Cathy Freeman• her determination in training to get to that athletic standard• the way she represented her people, as well as Australia as a whole • her sense of community and charity work• she is working to close the education gap between indigenous and non indigenous Australians


What are some examples of your leadership qualities?

• Confident• Optimistic• Lead by example• Above and beyond what is necceessary


In leadership exercises, such as the one you did here yesterday, what would you do if you thought a leader was doing something wrong?

• If I was a subordinate:o speak to the leader and make sure they were aware of the information I hado follow orders from subsequent decision • If they were my subordinate:o I would ask them to explain what they are doing to see if I was missing something, then if needed, explain the problem and correct their course of action


What would you do if your captain in an aircraft was about to break a safety rule?

• complicated situation and depends on the context• If the rule is about to be broken for responsible reasons, like the safety rule actually adversely affects the teams safety in that particular situation, then I would have no problem with it• However, if the safety rule was about to be broken out of laziness or something inappropriate, I would let the captain know I was uncomfortable with the breach in protocol and ask them to reconsider


How would you react if you were offered a position in a service other than the one that you are applying for?

• Disappointed as it is my dream to be a pilot in the RAAF • However the Army also has what I am looking for. I would accept an army offer with open arms • A career in the RAN would not be for me, something about the isolation of the ocean does not appeal to me


Do you want to become a Airline Pilot? Why or why not?

• No way• commercial pilots can’t compete with what the ADF offers• The main three that you can’t get commercially are: o leadership opportunitieso fulfilment in giving back to/protecting Australia o most advanced aircraft/flying• Not to mention the o best training in Australia and potentially the worldo camaraderie


Do you have a role model? If so, who and why?

• My high-school maths teacher• Strict but fair and professional• Expected and inspired us to do our best• Would give up her weekends and lunch breaks without hesitation for students that needed extra tutoring


What would your parents say is your biggest fault? Why?

• can be a little bit too engrossed in things• skip lunch etc. and just work on project 24/7• they would say I need to be more balanced


What is the biggest mistake you have ever made? What did you learn from it?

• on public transport
• someone getting bullied by drunk guy
• my stop came up next and I left without doing anything
• learnt that I am an active part of my community, i should always stand up for what I believe in and for what is right


If you were ordered to do something you considered wrong, would you do it?

• I trust those in command to make the right decisions • I understand what I am signing on for• It is my responsibility to follow orders and my personal feelings about them are irrelevant• I'm not saying i'll be mindless, I can be unhappy about it privately and professionally, but I’ll will always see out my responsibilities


How will you handle the loss of privacy?

• I don’t have anything to hide• lived with other people for years now and haven’t had a problem with it


What is the difference between leadership and management?

• Management is very practical, it focuses on things like organisation and administration • Leadership is more about vision, motivation and inspiration• People choose to follow leaders, where as they are obliged to follow managers• The important thing is their combination creates a powerful tool


What is one time you have let down a friend? Why did you do it?

• I said I would pick up a friend from the airport the other day, but the day before I realised I had also committed myself to a 21st where I was supposed to be making a speech• I had made a commitment to both people, so I there was no way I couldn’t let someone down