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clinical findings based on?

Jing Qi, Hara, GV, and Consciousness



abdominal center of physiological vital force


Jing Qi

aka essence, primary force in the growth, development, and maintenance of metabolic and other vital activities
-self-sustaining warmth= phenomenon of life
-drained by Hie (cold) manifested in the body


Governing Vessel or Spinal Energy system

original source of our being, link with other realms of consciousness
-"root" system, the deepest level of energetic being, is treated on the back
-paraspinal BL channels is the primary distribution of KD qi, the root of the body's energy system



body's ability to intentionally store, concentrate and distribute the vital force
- you want to be focused and comfortable


what does SJT address?

maximum use of practitioner's ability to transmit qi
-capacity for qi and the power to transmit qi in relationship to the patient is a decisive factor in tx effectiveness
-practitioner directs qi consciously and w/ intention to optimize tx


abdominal dx

aka Fukushin is one of the primary diagnostic sources in SJT


NanJing Difficult issues

shaku= "accumulations": yin, hide in depths, stay were they developed first, DEEP AND FIXED
ju= "gatherings": yang, remain at the surface and move, develop w/out roots, move upward and downward and do not remain in the same place, disappears after Sesshokushin-"contact needling"


great utility of SJT?

ability to treat the deeper layers of stagnation and monitor change by observing changes in shaku


Who is the creator of Shakuju Therapy?

Shoji Kobayashi :-)


Where is the main area of tx for Shakuju?

the back


Honchiho =?

root tx


Ultimately, what should the practitioner be able to do?

direct the consciousness from the treatment point to all directions of the body. Enhancing a tx w/ conscious intention has a much greater influence on the pt.


phenomenon of cold

all dz is a result for xu of jing qi
-symptoms of heat (i.e. fever) arise when the body cannot regulate internal temperature
cold= hie which drains jing qi


shakuju reference points

determine the degree of cold in the body
if the remain, too much cold in the body or not enough concentration


Degree of Cold

Is the MOST IMPY. the purpose of SJT is to make the body warm from the core


factors in SJT

-location of the clinic as well as the interior
-interaction created btwn the pt. and practitioner
-care of the patient and specific ways to palpate and needle
-intention and concentration of the practitioner


Gathering qi

the effect of the needle and warming the body, to feel more solid and invigorated
-when qi is in short supple, energy must be augmented externally usually by moxa


what are the specs of SJT needle

40mm, no. 3 silver needle, slightly rounded tip so that the needle will not penetrate unless the receptivity of the skin allows it
silver is used to feel the condition of the skin through the needle and a better electricity conductor and accelerating qi