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What is the most common emergency response, and the one that possibly has the greatest potential for a unfavorable outcome to department members?

Operations at the scene of a vehicle accident or other types of emergency incidents occurring on roadways and highways


What are the priority concerns for the incident commander operating at the scene of the highway accident?

Care for the injured
Protection of the public
Safety of the emergency responders
Protection of the environment
And clearance of traffic lanes


What are the primary objectives for any operation at the scene of a roadway incident?

Establish a safe operating area

Provide emergency care and transportation of the sick or injured

Establish water supply

Protect the environment

Restore normal traffic flow

Keep as many traffic lanes open as possible

Preserve evidence for investigators

Use the ICS


What creates a safer environment for the motorist an emergency responders?

Restoring the roadway to normal


This is the protected work area at a vehicle related roadway incident that is shielded by the block from apparatus and other emergency vehicles?

Incident space


The lanes of a roadway within which approaching motorist change their speed in positions to comply with the traffic control measures established at it incident scene is called what?

Transition zone


This is also known as incident space which is the protected area at the vehicle related roadway and said that it shielded by the block from the apparatus and other emergency vehicles?

Work area