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What is Divine Revelation

The most advanced form of morality
Combo of scripture and tradition


What is the magisterium

Teaching arm of the church


What is morality

What to do and what not to do. Make good choices


What is a virtue

Healthy habits that make us do good. They act as moral skills which will hopefully make us more Christian like


What are the cardinal virtues and the most important one

Justice-giving to God
**Prudence-Right reason in action or responsible decision making (most important of these virtues)
Fortitude- strength/courage
Temperance- moderation / balance


What are the theological virtues and what is the most important one

Faith- Belief in God
Hope- desire for eternal life
**Love- God neighbor and self


What do the nihilists believe

Nihilists believe that there is no meaning to existence, reject all positive values, believe
in nothing, and the nothingness that comes when someone dies (a form of atheism)


What do Christians believe

Christians believe in God and believe that we are to share in his divine life and
friendship. We are to try and be the best person we can be.


How are we made in Gods image and likeness

- free will


Explain Adam and Eves creation and what it meant

Men and women were made for each other
1st women came from man, rest of man came from women


What does the rib mean

Rib is chosen because it is a partnership symbol
No bone in the lower body because they are equal


Define inherent

Inalienable, born with


What is CST

CST is theology applied to everyday life


What are the catholic social teachings

-God has to do with everything
- Jesus is both human and divine
- Catholics are Republicans, Democrats, and Independants
- We as humans are part of a larger cosmological universe
- CST does not like the hyper concentration of power in the hands of the few
- Church favors distributism, but not in a state sponsored way
- Individuals should have the right to own Private Property: God’s right to declare eminent domain. We need to get compensated for things taken from us.


What is subsidiarity

bias or prejudice in favor of a local solution to a problem or question


What is solidarity

Social love in a concrete way


What can subsidiarity without solidarity do

Subsidiarity without solidarity can give rise to an excessive self-interest


What can solidarity do without subsidiarity

Solidarity without subsidiarity can give rise to manipulation and excessive state or government control (Totalitarianism)


What is the steward of creation

Someone who is to take care of the kingdom in the king's absence


What are the 4 parts of the Pascal mystery

Passion, death, resurrection, and ascension of Jesus Christ


What was the first sin and who committed it

Pride vs disobedience
Adam eve and Lucifur too


What is the original sin and who created the concept

Sin we are born with due to no fault of our own. St. Augustine created this concept


In what gospels does the Rich Young Man represent a certain characteristic

great demonstration in Matthew, Luke, and Mark’s Gospel of what it means to be “good."


What are Three sources of knowledge about what we should/should not do

Divine Revelation


What are 5 ways we are able to respond to God

1. Our intelligence and freedom
2. Help of the Holy Spirit
3. Support of the Church
4. Help of the Magisterium
5. Help of Jesus Christ


How Jesus can be of help in a way the Holy Spirit cannot?

Jesus can help physically because he was a physical form of God. The Holy Spirit can only help spiritually. Jesus can do both.


What is character

Who we really are and who we are to become through our choices and our actions. Our free choices either strengthen or weaken our character.


Who is Reinhold Neihbur

- A Protestant American Theologian
- Founder of the Christian Realism movement
- Wanted a call to reality (he is a realist)
- We have been saved for Heaven and so that we can imitate Christ as best as we can
and to do our part to help hasten the coming of the kingdom of God
- We are not perfect and do not need to give up everything to get to God
- American Liberalism = Christianity


Who is St. Maximilian Kolbe

- Killed in Auschwitz death camp
- Pope John Paul II canonized him and said that he was “a martyr or charity.”
- Birth name was Raymond and took the name Maximillian when he joined the
Conventional Franciscan Order
- Studied in Rome
- Devoted to the Blessed Mother and established the “Immaculate Movement.”
- Life motto: “Through Mary Immaculate to Jesus.”
- Spread his movement through the magazine “The Knights of the Immaculata.”
- Suffered from TB
- Gave his life for another prison and was to die of starvation but eventually injected with
carbolic acid


What is discernment

A decision- making process that attends to the implications and consequences of
an action or choice


What is prayer

A request for help or expression of thanks addressed to God. Jesus uses prayer at key
moments during his ministration.


What is intention

The aim or objective of a course of action


What is Means

A method, course of action, or instrument by which something can be accomplished.


What are circumstances

The conditions or facts attending an event and having some bearing on it. Can increase or decrease the moral goodness or evil of an action.


What did st. Ignatius of Loyola teach

Taught an effective way to discern God’s will through his “spiritual exercises.”