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What are the contraindications to ME?

Open Wounds, Broken bones, Uncooperative Patient, Unresponsive patient, Severe pain in the muscle group utilized


Describe the flow of information from a golgi tendon organ to the affected muscle

1) Golgi tendon --> afferent neuron (1b group) --> gray matter of spinal cord --> synapse with inhibitory interneurons --> synpase with large alpha motor neurons in the anterior gray horn of the spinal cord --> inhibitory message to the muscle


How is HVLA classified in terms of a technique?

Direct & Passive


What is something that one should consider prior to applying a HVLA treatment?

Consider relaxing surrounding soft tissues first


What does a spinal somatic dysfunction involve?

A vertebral segment (consists of; vertebra above and below the segment along with the disc between the two)


What is the neurophysiology component behind HVLA?

A sudden change in length/tension is applied to the tissue, activating the golgi tendon organ, allowing the muscle tensions to equalize proper functional position and motion; thus normalizing, imbalanced afferent input


What are two complications that may arise if HVLA is performed on those with Down's syndrome and/or RA?

Dens fracture or dislocation


What are some contraindications to HVLA?

Osseous or ligamentous damage, pathologic fractures (osteoporosis, metastatic disease, arthritic spurs), Psychological contraindications (patient apprehension)