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What does a nerve cell do?

- Generate electrical signals
- Form complex circuits


What is a nerve cell made up of?

- Dendrites
- Cell body (nucleus, soma, perikaryon)
- Axon (hillock, terminal)
- Synapse


What are protective barriers for the brain/spinal cord?

3 layers of membrane (meninges) + CSF


What is the blood-brain barrier?

Semi-permeable membrane separating blood from CSF, allows some cells to go past


What are the immune cells of the CNS?



What are astrocytes?

- Star shaped glial cells
- Create blanket around nerve cells and capillaries - form BBB
- Maintain ECF environment for nerve cells
- Control waste / nutrients / ion content


What are the two types of myelinating cells?

Oligodendrocytes = CNS myelin sheath

Neurolemmocytes/Schwann Cells = PNS Myelin sheath


How do glial cells form a sheath around each axon?

Wrap around axon and deposit multiple layers of external membrane, membrane is lipid so it's a thick fatty sheath. Impermeable to aqueous substances.


What is the difference between white and grey matter?

White matter consists of bundles of myelinated axons linking grey matter regions. Grey matter contains cell bodies and dendrites