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What is fostering.

Children and young people need fostering for many reasons. Fostering is generally for a limited period. E.g week, month or lifetime.


Who has legal responsibility for the child.

Shared between the birth parents and social services. Recently however a new law was passed by which if a child is fostered for 5 years the foster parents have the legal right to sign consent papers and medical papers.


Contact with birth family-



The goal-

Reunited with families.



2016, 6,371 children in care.

93% have an allocated social worker.

91% have a written care plan.

25,568 open child welfare and protection cases and 5,987 not allocated a social worker.

Tuslas target- have 134 non allocated children in new year.

Out of non allocated cases there was 956 deemed high priority.

444 of these were written for 3 or more months

Between 2011 & 2014 there was a increase in referrals.


What is tusla

Main association dealing with foster care in Ireland.

Child and family agency.

Statoury organisation established in January 2014, by the child and family agency act 2013.


What does section 8 of the act say about Tulsa

That it is required to-

Support And promote the development welfare and protection of children.

Support and encourage the effective functioning of families.