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What important roles does sport perform?

- Educational role
- Social and cultural role (socio-cultural)
- Public health role


Why is sport big business?

- Have become a major source of employment
- Accountable for up to 2% of the global GDP


Explain the legal discipline of sports law

Sports law has for many decades been a separate legal subject in the US.
- Sports law vs. sports and the law
- Sport should be seen as an applied area of law.


How can sports law as a legal standard be divided?

- A core which consists of the rules and the regulations decided by the sports organisations themselves. The "core" is not subject to any outside interference from the public - this has changed over time - demand from the surrounding world on the sports community to comply with society's ordinary laws and legal principles.
- A surrounding area consisting of society's ordinary law and legal principles.


Why should sports law be seen as a legal discipline?

Because the solutions to problems or disputes involving the sporting community should sometimes be different from the solutions provided outside the sports world.


Which 4 examples does the author use to explain sports law?

1. The core
2. An applied area of law
3. Statutory laws which specifically aim to regulate sport in one way or another.
4. Legal considerations so specific to the sporting community that they could supply a result that would otherwise not have been achieved in other areas of social life.


What is the WADA-code?

The first legal document ever to harmonise the rules and regulations concerning anti-doping across all countries and all sports.
- Illustration of the growing internationalisation of important transnational issues in sports.