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How many paris of spinal nerves are there compared to cranial nerves?

31 pairs of spinal nerves

12 pairs of cranial nerves


How do spinal nerves and cranial nerves differ in their fiber content?

1. spinal nerves are mixed - motor and sensory

2. cranial nerves can be mixed, only motor, or only sensory


What 2 cranial nerves are actually tracts because they don't have nuclei - they just stay in the brain?

Cranial nerves 1 and 2


What is the only CN that comes out the dorsal side of the brain?



What eye muscle is controlled by the trochlear nerve?

superior oblique


What eye muscle is controlled by the abducens nerve?

the lateral rectus - controls eye movement in a horizontal plane


How many nerves are associated with the forebrain, midbrain, pons, or medulla respectively?

2 with the forebrain (1 and 2)

2 with the midbrain (3 and 4)

4 with the pons (5-8)

4 with the medulla (9-12)


In general, how are nerves arranged based on embryological development?

the alar plate has sensory fibers and the basal blate as motor fibers

as the medulla upens up , the plates go with it so that the alar (sensory) is lateral while the basal (motor) is medial

These are separated by the sulcus limitans and viseral innervarion is located near the sulcus


WHat does the inferior colliculus do? How about the superior colliculus?

inferior = audition

superior = ocular revlexes


What do fibers do at the pyramidal decussation?

they cross over to the other side


What are pattern generators, and how can they occur?

It's an "autopilot" type of coordinated response which is activtated when a command domes down from the motor cortex to the brainstem neurons

It's possible because th eneurons are wired together in such a way that pools of neurons are activated in the right order and timing to make the response occur

(examples are chewing, swalowing, breathing, etc)


What ist he "packing material" of the cranial nerve nuclei?

the reticular formation


If the caudal medulla looks like a squished spinal cord, what is the "dorsal horn" area associated with?

the trigeminal nerve


WHat type of sensation if the medial lemniscus associated with?

proprioceptive, light touch, vibration


What types of touch are associated with the spinal thalamic tract?

pain and temperature


What is the corticospinal tract associated with? Where does it cross/

Voluntary motor

crosses at the pyramidal decussation