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what is the Lymphatic System?

β†’ countercurrent system draining from the tissues all waste materials and recycling surplus fluid, salts, proteins, fat and immune cells back to body
β†’ Lymphatic System is the cleansing system


The lymphatic system (Drainage)

β†’network of drainage tubes connected to lymph glands

β†’act as drainage channels for the body’s tissues

β†’one way drainage system

β†’Starting with small blind ending tubes like sea anemones they drain into small streams and then ever bigger channels drain to lymph glands and beyond before eventually draining back into the blood circulation in the great veins of the neck.


Lymphatic system appearance

β†’Dermal lymphatic vascular network

β†’Lymphatic capillaries (initial lymphatics):
β†’ Blind ended No smooth muscle
β†’Incontinuous basement membrane

β†’Collecting vessels:
β†’Smooth muscle coverage
β†’Luminal valves Basement membrane


what do Initial lymphatics absorb?

β†’ fluid
β†’ salts
β†’proteins and cells from the tissues to make lymph.


where is lymph transported to?

β†’transported down bigger lymphatic vessels which actually contract so pumping lymph onwards


what do valves ensure?

β†’Valves ensure lymph flow is in one direction (downstream) to the lymph glands (nodes) and beyond


what happens once the lymph is absorbed into initial lymphatics?

β†’Once absorbed into initial lymphatics
β†’lymph is pumped up the leg
β†’because larger lymphatic vessel contract in a similar way to our main heart


what do lymph nodes filter?

filter the lymph where there is also interaction with the immune system


discharging lymph

β†’After passing through a series of lymph nodes
β†’ large lymphatic vessels eventually discharge lymph into great veins of the neck


what is lymph?

β†’Lymph is interstitial (tissue) fluid containing
β†’salts, proteins and cells,
β†’originally formed from a plasma ultrafiltrate


What are lymph nodes (Glands)?

β†’Lymph glands are filter stations positioned at intervals along the lymph drainage route


what is the function of lymph nodes?

β†’ clean up the lymph before it re-enters the blood stream
β†’by sieving out
β†’ trapping and destroying (inorganic) foreign materials β†’Monitoring the lymph for tell tale signs of (organic) predators e.g.infection
β†’ plays a vital role in our immune system responses


what is the first function of the lymphatic system?

fluid balance(homeostasis)