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What are the six teaching methods of SLA?

1) Structure Based
2) Comprehension Based
3) Interaction/Meaning Based
4) Content Based
5) Teachability Hypothesis
6) Form Focused


What is the Comprehension Based teaching method?

-"Just listen... and read."
-Essentially this method focuses solely on the comprehension side of language learning.
-Extensive reading and listening


What is the Interaction/Meaning Based teaching method?

-"Let's Talk"
-Essentially the learner gains language knowledge by interacting for meaning.
-Negotiation for meaning plays a large role here.


What is the Content Based teaching method?

-"Two for One"
-This approach entails that a learner take classes in the target language, the content of which is not language learning.
-This gives the learner a real need to learn and use the language for communication purposes.
-Used often in Immersion and study abroad programs.


What is the Teachability Hypothesis teaching method?

-"Teach what is teachable"
-The idea behind the teachability hypothesis is that a learner is only able to learn what comes next (i+1).
-This implies that there needs to be a structuring of language topics so that they can be taught in such a way.


What is the Form Focused teaching method?

-"Get it right in the end."
-This type of teaching method is all about drawing the learner's attention to something in the language, particularly a difference between the Interlanguage and native-like language.
-They emphasize that some parts of language need to be taught explicitly, and form-focused/corrective feedback is key to doing this.


What are the advantages and disadvantages of Structure Based?

+Useful for Grammar/Vocab
+Some success w/ Highly motivated adults
-No Communication skills = no fluency
-Leads to lower form of Motivation


What are the advantages and disadvantages of Comprehension Based?

+Good for beginners
+Good as supplement for vocab in later learning
-Not sufficient for all skills


What are the advantages and disadvantages of Interaction/Meaning Based?

+Seems to be beneficial and motivating.
-Corrective Feedback should be explicit enough


What are the advantages and disadvantages of Content Based?

+Motivating; gives a genuine need to communicate
+High exposure time
-Lack of form-focus; leads to lower ultimate success.


What are the advantages and disadvantages of Teachability Hypothesis?

+Great to help teachers understand why some students are struggle
-Only researched in certain areas.
-Is therefore difficult to integrate into a syllabus.


What are the advantages and disadvantages of Form-Focused?

+Gives learners rules; helps them to notice errors.
+Makes learning more effective
+Most preferred by Lightbown and Spada.
-Without continued exposure to this, the effects eventually wear off.