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Who is according to Gardner and Lambert is a "truly motivated individual''?

Someone who scores high on all three dimensions of Motivation.


What is Motivation in relation to SLA?

The desire to initiate L2 learning and the effort employed to sustain it.


What are the three dimensions of Motivation?

1) Motivational Intensity = This is essentially how much effort someone puts into learning a new language.
2) Enjoyment = The attitudes someone has towards learning a language.
3) Investment = How personally invested is someone in learning a language.


What are some Antecedents to Motivation?

-Social Support
-Attitudes towards L2 community or instruction setting
-Self-Confidence in using the language
-Inter-Group contact


What is Integrativeness defined by Gardner and what are its three dimensions?

Integrativeness = Refers to a genuine interest in getting closer to the L2 community.
1) Favorable attitudes towards L2 speakers
2) General interest in foreign languages and low ethnocentrism
3) Endorsement of reasons for learning the L2


According to Gardner what is integrative motivation? What three conditions must be met to achieve this?

-Integrative Motivation is the highest and most facilitative form of motivation.
1) High Integrativeness
2) High Motivation Quantity (the 3 dimensions of motivation)
3) Positive Attitudes towards the learning situation.


What basic human needs have an influence on motivation according to the self-determination

Humans are volitional beings who are growth orientated, therefore they need:
-Sense of Choice
-Personal Causation


The Language Learning Orientation Scale (LLOS) measures the constructs of self-determination theory. What are the five levels of this theory.

1) Intrinsically Motivated
2) Extrinsically Motivated
3) Introjected Regulation
4) Identified Regulation
5) Amotivation


What defines an Intrinsically Motivated person?

Intrinsic Motivation is when someone learns a language as a result of self-causation and gets inherent enjoyment from it.
-This is consistently associated to higher levels of Achievement.


What defines an Extrinsically Motivated person?

Extrinsically Motivation is when someone learns a language for means-end/ pragmatic reasons.
-This leads to low autonomy.


What defines an Introjected Regulation person?

Introjected Regulation is when someone buys into external pressures and develops feelings of guilt, shame, or embarrassment.


What defines an Identified Regulation person?

Identified Regulation is when someone accepts external values as their own. They find meaningfulness in an activity that was not self-determined.


What defines an Amotivation person?

Amotivation is when someone expresses resentment for learning a language.


What factors does Zoltán Dörnyei point out, that make up his L2 Motivational Self System?

1) Ideal L2 Self
2) Ought-to L2 Self = The attributes we believe we ought to have in order to avoid negative outcomes.
3) L2 Learning Experience