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Indications for intubation

Acute respiratory failure
Inadequate ventilation
Airway protection
Prior to general anesthesia


Contraindications to intubation

Laryngeal fracture
Disruption of laryngotracheal junction


Conditions leading to difficult intubation

Infection (epiglottis)
Burns with inhalation injury

[these all result in severe laryngeal or supralaryngeal edema]


Difference between Mac and Miller blades

Mac is curved
Miller is straight


Standard size endotracheal tube for adult female vs. adult male vs. pediatric patient

Female: 7-7.5 mm

Male: 7.5-8 mm

Use Broselow tape for pediatric patients


LEMON assessment for difficult intubation

Look externally (obese pt, high palate, short neck, trauma)

Evaluate 3:3:2 rule (3 cm mouth opening, 3 cm thyroomental distance, 2 cm between hyoid and thyroid notch)

Mallampati score (score of 4 = higher chance of difficult intubation)

Obstruction (tumor, recent neck surgery)

Neck mobility (cervical collar? Elderly?)


Mallampati scores

Class I = complete visualization of soft palate

Class II = complete visualization of uvula

Class III = visualization of only base of uvula

Class IV = soft palate not visible at all