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Which costs are inventoriable?

Purchases - Net of Discounts, Freight, Warehouse expenditures


When does ownership of goods transfer when shipped FOB Shipping Point?

FOB Shipping Point puts the inventory into the hands of the buyer from the loading dock


When does ownership transfer when goods are sent FOB Destination?

FOB Destination keeps the items in the seller's inventory until it reaches the buyer


Which costs are non-inventoriable?

Sales Commissions

Interest on liabilities to vendors

Shipping expense to customers


When are discounts recorded under the gross method?

Under the gross method, discounts are recorded only when used.


Under the net method, when are discounts recorded?

Under the net method, discounts are recorded whether used or not.

Unused discounts are allocated to financing expense.


How is gross margin calculated?

Gross Margin : Sales - COGS (BI + P - EI)


Describe the periodic inventory system.

Inventory is counted at certain times throughout the period

Weighted-average cost flow method is used.


Describe the perpetual inventory system.

Inventory count continually updated

Uses a moving-average cost flow method


In periods of rising prices, under which cost flow system would ending inventory be the same under both periodic and perpetual inventory methods?

Under the FIFO system, periodic and perpetual inventory methods will both have the same ending inventory.


How is inventory turnover calculated?

COGS / Average Inventory


How is Average Day's Sales in inventory calculated?

365 / Inventory Turnover


Under a consignment system, who holds the consigned goods in inventory?

The CONSIGNOR holds the consigned items in their inventory count. The cost includes the shipping to the consignee.


Under a consignment system, does the consignee hold consignment inventory in their own inventory?

No. Consignment goods are maintained in the inventory of the consignor, not the consignee.


What effect does overstatement or understatement of inventory have on ending retained earnings?

Misstatement of beginning inventory does NOT have an effect on ending retained earnings.

Misstatement of ENDING inventory does have an effect on retained earnings.


How does misstatement of ending inventory effect Ending Retained Earnings?

EI Over : COGS Under : ERE Over

EI Under : COGS Over : ERE Under


Which costs are included in COGS first under the FIFO (first in first out) system?

The first (oldest) inventory you have in stock is the first inventory you record for COGS purposes. If your oldest inventory on the shelf cost you $1 when you bought it, COGS is $1

This is just for inventory pricing. It has nothing to do with physically selling the oldest item on the shelf - It is purely for accounting purposes


Which costs are included in COGS under the LIFO (last in first out) system?

The last (newest) inventory you have in stock is the first inventory you record for COGS purposes. If your newest inventory on the shelf cost you $1.50 when you bought it, COGS is $1.50


How is Weighted Average Cost Per Unit calculated under a weighted average inventory system?

COGAS / Total Units : Weighted Average Cost Per Unit


How does FIFO's COGS relate to LIFO's in a time of changing prices?

FIFO's relationship to COGS will be opposite LIFO's relationship to COGS in periods of falling/rising prices.


How do FIFO and LIFO change in a period of rising prices?

FIFO has the Lowest COGS

FIFO is a cat that sees a mouse starts Low and is Rising

If COGS is Low, that means EI is High


How do FIFO and LIFO change in a period of falling prices?

FIFO has the Highest COGS

Remember: FIFO, that silly cat, got High from Catnip and is Falling off the couch

If COGS is High, that means EI is Low


Under a Lower of Cost or Market, how are the benchmarks calculated?

Market Ceiling : Net Realizable Value : Selling Price - Selling Costs

Market : Replacement Cost

Market Floor : Net Realizable Value - Normal Profit


Net purchase method treatment

Purchase discounts not taken recorded in purchase discount lost account


How is unallocated FOH treated

Expensed in period incurred


What inventory costs are expensed in period incurred?

Abnormal freight, abnormal handling costs, wasted materials


Calculate ending inventory at dollar value LIFO

Base year x index

Index = EI at dollar value LIFO / base year cost


What is the LIFO reserve?

When company uses LIFO for external reporting purposes and another inventory method for internal purposes, LIFO reserve is used to reduce inventory from internal valuation to LIFO valuation. It is a contra inventory account with increases/decreases to COGS


How is inventory segregated and accepted recorded?

Included in sales


How are consignment sales revenue recorded? Commissions?

Revenue not net of commissions. Commissions as selling expense


What is avg days sales in inventory?

Measures the number of days inventory is held before sale, reflects efficient inventory policies. 365 / inventory TO


% of completion formula

Costs to date / total expected cost x expected profit = profit recognized to date - prior profit recognized


Amounts debited to construction in progress account (CIP)

Construction expenses and gross profit


Formula for % of completion contract costs

% completed x estimated total costs at completion


Loss recognition under % completion and completed contract

Loss recognized in full in period incurred


% of completion final year formula

(Contract price - actual cost ) - income recognized previously


Progress billings classification

Contra asset account


Under % of completion method, how are CIP and progress billing accounts treated?

Classify all contract asset and liabilities as current asset and liabilities. If CIP > PB asset, if CIP < PB liability


IFRS inventory reported at

Lower of cost of NRV


IFRS biological inventory carried at

FV less cost to sell at point of harvest


When to use IFRS specific inventory ID

Required for inventory items that are it interchangeable and goods that are produced and segregated for specific projects


Inventory valuation method not allowed under IFRS