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What are molluscs?

They are soft-bodied animals such as snails. They fall under the group of invertebrates.


Choose the correct answer: Molluscs are known for their tough skin/soft bodies/ hard shells.

soft bodies, hard shells.


Molluscs usually have a ____ and a ____ region and the body is _____ covered by a ____ _____.

foot, head, often, hard shell. E.g: snail.


Where do molluscs live on Earth in general?

They usually live in the sea.


How big are molluscs?

They range from species that are microscopic to massive.


Do molluscs have shells? If so, what types of shells do they have?

Yup. They can have an internal or external shell.


What is a mantle?

A mantle is a fold of the body wall that secretes the shell.


How many legs do molluscs have?
Do they have legs?
If not, what type of 'leg' do they have?

0 legs.
Nope. Shame.
They have a muscular foot (think snail) and/or tentacles.


How do molluscs digest food?

They have a radula, a toothed structure in the mouth which grates food.


Do molluscs have wings? If so, how many?

No and 0. Ha.


Do molluscs have gills? If so, how many?

Yup, 2 gills.