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What properties do Ionic Compounds have?

> High melting point
> Soluble
> Does not conduct electricity when solid
> Does conduct electricity in a solution (liquid or dissolved)


What is Ionic Bonding?

Transfer of electrons between a Metal and Non-Metal.


What is an Ionic Lattice?

Millions and millions of ions are packed together in a regular cubic arrangement, joined by ionic bonds.This forms a 3D structure called an Ionic Lattice.


Why Ionic Compounds have high melting points:

> Giant ionic lattice
> Strong electomagnetic attraction between positive an negative ions
> Large amounts of energy needed to break the strong attractions


Why Ionic Compounds don't conduct electricity when solid but it does when in a liquid form:

> Ions in solids unable to move and carry charge
> Ions in a liquid, ions can move and carry charge


When 2 atoms bond through Ionic Bonding what charge do they become?

> If they lose elctrons the arom becomes positively charged
> If an atom gains electrons it becomes negatively charged