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Ionic bonds

• Are an electrostatic force of attraction • It only occurs between metals and non-metals • Metals always LOSE electrons, non-metals always GAIN electrons


Giant ionic lattices, melting and boiling points are...

High - strong electrostatic forces of attraction exist between all ions in the lattice that require a lot energy to overcome.


Do giant ionic lattices conduct electricity?

Yes - ions are present to carry charge and conduct electricity (only conduct electricity when in water).


Are giant ionic lattices soluble in water?

Yes - ions are present and can be pulled apart (dissociate themselves from water).



Oxidation is loss of electrons and reduction is gain of electrons.


Ionic bonding is...

A strong electrostatic attraction between oppositely charged ions.


An ionic crystal is....

A giant three-dimensional lattice structure held together by the attraction between oppositely charged ions.


What is required in order to conduct electricity?

Ions - in order to carry charge.


What does the structure of sodium chloride look like?

giant ionic lattice structure - ions are held together in a closely packed 3D lattice arrangement by the attraction between oppositely charged electrons


What is the relationship beteen ionic charge and the melting and boiling point of an ionic compound?

  • The higher the differece in charge, the stronger the attraction will be.

+ and - ions will have a weaker charge than 3+ and 3- ions

  • The stronger the attraction, the harder it is to break the bond and so the melting and boiling points are higher.
  • The bigger the charge of an ion, the higher the melting and boiling point.