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What are the six articles of faith?

Belief in the oneness of Allah - Tawhid
Belief in angels - Malaikah
Belief in Holy Books - Kutub
Belief in prophets - Rasul
Belief in the Day of Judgement and Afterlife - Akhirah
Belief in predestination - Al-Qad'r


What denomination of Islam believes in the six articles of faith?

Sunni Islam


What is belief in the six articles of faith called?



How can Muslims reach paradise in the afterlife?

Iman + righteous acts


What are the five roots of faith? (Usul al-Din)

Belief in oneness and unity of God - Tawhid
Belief in Divine Justice - Adl
Belief in Prophethood - Nubuwah
Belief in Imams - Imamah
Belief in the Day of Resurrection - Ma'ad


What is Tawhid? (as part of the 6 articles of faith)

The central belief in Islam. There is only one God (Allah), who has no shape or form, is fair, eternal, omnipotent, omniscient, alone as a God, and has no equal. This is part of the Shahadah.


What is Malaikah? (as part of the 6 articles of faith)

Angels are spiritual creatures created by Allah to serve him. They have no physical desires of needs. They are his messengers and communicate the word of Allah to the people. They have no free will and can only obey Allah.


What is Kutub? (as part of the 6 articles of faith)

Muslims see the Qur'an as the most holy book in Islam, and it has the highest authority in religious and legal matters. They think the Qur'an is a perfect record of Gabriel's revelations to Mohammed. Muslims believe in all original scriptures that were given to previous messengers, but the Qur'an is more holy as it has remained unchanged.


What is Rasuul? (as part of the 6 articles of faith)

The messengers and prophets of God were mortal human beings who were appointed by God to teach mankind. The Qur'an mentions the names of at least 25 prophets and says there are others. They all delivered the message to believe in one God, avoid sin and to live a life devoted to earning God's pleasure. Muslims believe in all of them.


What is Akhirah? (as part of the 6 articles of faith)

Muslims believe the soul continues to exist after death in an afterlife. They believe in the Day of Judgement, when the world will come to an end and the dead will rise for a final and fair trial. Every human being who has ever lived will have everything they have done brought before them, and they will be judged by Allah.


What is Al-Qad'r? (as part of the 6 articles of faith)

Muslims believe Allah foreknows and foreordains all that happens in the world. They think that whatever he does has a good motive, even if we do not fully understand it. Muslims should put their full trust in him, as our knowledge is limited and selfish.


What denomination of Islam believes in the five roots of faith?

Shi'a Islam


What things are part of the nature of Allah?



What does 'the 99 names of Allah' mean?

In the Qur'an and Hadith there are many 'names' used to describe Allah. Different lists have different names, but they are often referred to as 'the 99 names of Allah'. Allah is too great to be described fully by these names but they remind Muslims of Allah's qualities. They aid Muslims in prayer. There is a danger of thinking of Allah as a perfect human, as no vision can grasp him.


What is Shirk?

The sin of practising idolatry or polytheism. It is the worst of all sins to place things equal to or above Allah. It is essentially idolatry. Belief in Tawhid means Muslims see Christian belief in the Trinity as wrong. Some Sunnis believe Shi'a Muslims' belief in the Twelve Imams as Shirk.


What is Prophethood?

A person who speaks for God or a deity, or by divine inspiration


What is Risalah?

The means of communication between Allah and humans


What are prophets?

A prophet (or rasul) is chosen by Allah to teach, guide and train people to follow him. They are human and not to be worshipped - they are limited in knowledge and imperfect. The Qur'an was revealed to Muhammed and Sunni Muslims believe he was the 'seal of the prophets'. Other books of Allah were revealed to prophets but the Qur'an is the only one that exists in its original form.


Who was Adam?

The first man created by Allah and the first prophet. Created by Allah in his image. He lived in Jannah with Hawwa but Iblis tempted him to eat from the forbidden tree. They were forgiven but Allah sent them to live on Earth. All humans are descended from them.


Who was Ibrahim?

He was born into a polytheistic family but rejected these ideas and was sent out of Babylon. Under Allah's guide he travelled to Egypt. He became known as the father of the Arab people. Both his sons became prophets.


Who was Isma'il?

The son of Ibrahim. He was almost sacrificed by Ibrahim; later he was thirsty in a desert in the story of the Zamzam well. Ibrahim and Ishma'il rebuilt the Kaaba. From Ishma'il came the Ishmaelite, the family Mohammed belonged to.


Who was Musa?

An Israelite when the Pharaoh ordered the killing of all male Israelites. He escaped in a basket and the Pharaoh's wife adopted him. He had to flee Egypt after accidently killing an Egyptian beating an Israelite slave. Allah told him to return and he got the release of the Israelites, who left Egypt across the Nile. Musa led the Israelites and gave them the Ten Commandments.


Who was Dawud?

A prophet and king of the Israelites, a position given by Allah. He killed Goliath when his army was too scared. Under Dawud's reign they feared and respected Allah and worshipped him as the one true God. Allah revealed the Zabur to him, containing lessons of guidance for the Israelites to praise Allah.


Who was Isa?

He was born to the virgin Mary and performed many miracles, like healing people. Sunnis believe he is the Messiah who will return on the Day of Resurrection and bring together true Muslims. He will establish Islam in the end times and make war until Islam is the only religion left. He will not die; instead Allah took him into his presence. Muslims do not think he was divine.


Why might Mohammed be more important than other prophets?

They see all prophets as equal, so he is no better than any other prophet. He is the last messenger and the seal of the prophets - there is no need for a prophet after him. He was also sent for the whole of mankind, not just to Muslims. There is a much better record of his life than other prophets, so he can be better used as a role model.


What is the Qur'an?

The holy book revealed by Allah to Mohammed. It contains 14 chapters. It can be divided into 30 parts called juz' to make it easier to read in a month. Muslims learn and recite it in Arabic; some Muslims memorise it.


What is the Hadith?

The words, actions, and habits of the Prophet Mohammed. It is various collections of texts, each containing the text of the story and the chain of narrators supporting its authenticity. It is used for things not in the Qur'an, like how to pray. Shi'a Muslims reject it.


What is the Sunnah?

The records of the actions of Mohammed. It includes how to make ablutions, how he prayed, and how he went on Hajj. It is said it is derived from the Hadith. Mohammed is a role model, so it is good to know how he behaved.


What is the Suhuf Ibrahim?

The 'scrolls of Abraham' are thought to contain Allah's revelation to Abraham. They are referred to twice in the Qur'an. They are lost and nobody claims to have a copy. Tradition suggests they may have contained educational parables and general advice.


Why is the Qur'an more important than other Kutub?

Muslims believe over time other books became distorted, so are no longer the word of God. The Qur'an was revealed to Mohammed by Jibril. Mohammed was illiterate but recited the words exactly. It is still the direct word of Allah.


What are Angels? (Malaikah)

They were a living being made by Allah, made of Nur (divine light). The other living beings made by Allah are humans, made of earth or clay, and Jinn, made of fire. They carry out Allah's will and have no free will. They are immortal and do not have physical needs. Allah communicates to humans through angels.


What examples of angels are mentioned in the Qur'an?

Jibril - chief angel who brought Allah's message to Mohammed and the other prophets
Israfil - will blow his trumpet to announce the Day of Resurrection
Honourable scribes - record the words and deeds of humans, good and bad
Izra'il - angel of death, takes each human's final breath
Mika'il - guardian of heaven


What is Akhirah?

Everlasting life after death


What is resurrection?

Rising from the dead or returning to life


What is Heaven/ Jannah?

The state of eternal happiness in the presence of God; Paradise


What is Hell/ Jahannam?

The state of total separation from God


What is predestination (al-Qad'r)?

The belief that everything that happens is planned by Allah