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What is the point of marriage?

A man and a woman can become 'one flesh'


What is marriage?

A civil and religious commitment for Christians. It is considered a sacrament in which a baptised man and woman vow to belong to each other in a permanent, exclusive, sexual partnership of loving, mutual care, concern and shared responsibility in the hope of having children and bringing up a family.


What percentage of marriages end in divorce?



What are some reasons for divorce?

Different goals
Financial difficulties
'Fallen out of love'
Domestic violence


What do most Christians believe about divorce?

Christian teachings, the marriage ceremony, and vows all show Christians that marriage is intended to be a relationship for life. Marriage is a holy relationship and the vows a couple make are made in front of God and should never be broken.
The ring symbolises that love is unending. Jesus taught that marriage is for life.
There are negative psychological impacts in a divorce.


What is the Roman Catholic view on divorce?

Divorce is wrong.
Resolution - the Church will give the couple support
Separation - couple are allowed to live apart
Adultery - having a relationship with anyone else is wrong
Annulment - the Church sometimes allows annulment in special cases


What is the Church of England view on divorce?

Divorce is better avoided, but sometimes acceptable.
Marriage is for life, but things may not always work out.
The priest will help a couple resolve difficulties.
They accept divorce may be the lesser of two evils as it ends pain.


What are other liberal Christian views on divorce?

Jesus taught the importance of forgiveness if someone has made a mistake. Divorce is accepted.


What is homosexuality?

When two people of the same gender love each other


What are some dates on homosexuality in the UK?

Decriminalised in 1967
Civil partnerships legalised in 2005
Marriage legalised in 2014


What is the Catholic Church view on homosexuality?

Being homosexual is not a sin
Homosexual relationships are a sin; homosexuals should be celibate
The sacraments will help them do this
Homophobia is condemned


Why do Catholics have their view on homosexuality?

The Bible condemns it
Sex should be creative as well as unitive
People cannot help their sexual orientation but they can control their sexual behaviour


What is the conservative Evangelical view on homosexuality?

Traditionally, homosexuality is a sin - there should be no homosexual Christians
Prayer can give homosexuals the power of the Holy Spirit to change their sexual preference


Why do evangelicals have their view on homosexuality?

The Bible condemns homosexuality
The salvation of Christ can remove all sins, including homosexuality
All churches have taught this, even ones that now say it is acceptable


What is the liberal Protestant view on homosexuality?

Lifelong homosexual relationships are acceptable
Homosexuals are welcomed into the Church - love and acceptance
Homosexual relationships are not equal to Christian marriage
Ministers/ priests should not take part in homosexual sex
Some churches bless civil partnerships


What is the Quaker view on homosexuality?

All people are equal in God's eyes
Most Quakers fully support same sex marriage


What are extremist Christian views on homosexuality?

The Westboro Baptist Church, USA, is a small family-run church
It is based on anti-homosexual theology
It incites violence against homosexuals. Its members disrupt gay rights events
Christians of all denominations condemn them


What was the Civil Rights Act (USA)?

It made racial discrimination in public places illegal. It required employers to provide equal employment opportunities. Projects involving federal funds could be cut off if discrimination was found


Who was Martin Luther King Jr.?

A Baptist minister who used non-violent means to work for equal treatment of blacks:
Peaceful protests
Bus boycott
March on Washington


Why are people racist today?



What are key dates for women's rights?

Divorce Reform Act - 1969 - made divorce easier to obtain
Equal Pay Act - 1970 - women had to be paid the same as men for the same job
Sex Discrimination Act - 1975 - women have an equal right to work


What are key dates for women in the Church?

Church of England first appointed a female vicar in 1994
First female bishop appointed in 2015
Roman Catholic Church does not allow women to take any ordained roles


What is the traditionalist view of women?

Men are superior to women, so women should not have roles of authority in the Church. Men should be the breadwinner in the hime


What is the egalitarian view of women?

Men and women are completely equal so both can have roles of authority


What is the complementarian view of women?

Men and women have equal value but have different roles; men should be teachers and leaders in the Church, not women