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Who is Mohammed and how do his teachings affect the art of Islam?

The Prophet Mohammed is the final prophet and god's last messenger; preached monotheism and no representational imagery in sacred texts, which therefore affected islamic art


How is islamic art similar and unique to western art?

Islamic art emphasizes symmetry, balance, pattern, and color


Components of mosque architecture

qibla, the wall that faces Mecca
mihrab, notch in the qibla
imam, on top of minbar
maqsura, area that precedes mihrab
minaret, towers outside


Why is calligraphy important in Mosque architecture?

Calligraphy didn't include any images, which was against the teachings of the koran; the calligraphy showed religious passages


Dome of the Rock, Jerusalem

-where Muhammed journeyed to heaven
-central structure, arches, dome on octagon (similar to Byzantine)
-mosaics with lettering from the Koran, very detailed
-geometric patterns fill the entire space, very colorful, balanced, and symmetrical; elaborate colors and patterns, gold


Prayer Hall at the Great Mosque at Cordoba

has horseshoe (modish) arches, double tiered; columns came from Roman temples


Koran Page, Surah 18

calligraphy, vowels in red or yellow, consonants in black


Taj Mahal

Mausoleum to commemorate favorite wife; white marble; iwan gateway and architecture; ogee arch, 2 double curving lines; extensive carving; symmetrical, 4 minarets


Five pillars of Islam

Faith, prayer, almsgiving, fasting, and pilgrimage


Shah Jahan

built the taj mahal for his dead favorite wife