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Most widely used database language

Structured Query Language (SQL)

Some variants include mySQL and SQLite. Other database languages include noSQL, MongoDB, and Oracle.


rank from smallest to largest
terabyte, kilobyte, gagabyte, megabyte

kilobyte or KB (1,000 Bytes)
megabyte or MB (1,000 KB)
gigabyte or GB (1,000 MB)
terabyte or TB (1,000 GB)


4 components of a computer

Motherboard: circuit board; home to major electronic components.
CPU (Central Processing Unit): transmits signals telling the computer what operations to carry out.
RAM (Random Access Memory): allows data to be read and written
Hard drive or Solid State Drive: stores computer data including operating system and applications.


What do you call the series of letters after a file name, such as .doc, .pdf, or .gif?

the file extension


What does HTTP stand for

HyperText Transfer Protocol

This system was devised by Tim Berners-Lee (via the Worldwide Web Consortium) in 1989, and allows web pages to "link" to each other using a new clickable feature known as "hypertext." This technology marked the beginning of the World Wide Web. Previously, the Internet consisted of mostly military computers communicating with each other at a command line.


Name some of the major programming languages used to create computer programs.

Major programming languages include:

Ruby on Rails


shortcut key to undo your last action

command Z


shortcut key to open a new browser tab

command T


shortcut key to close your current browser tab

command W


What do you call a computer whose main purpose is to store data and communicate with other computing devices?

a server

Every website is hosted on a server(s). When you visit a web page, you are actually connecting with that company's server and interacting with it.


What is the term for the public-facing code that allows programmers to create applications that communicate with other sources?

Application Programming Interface (API)

APIs provide outsiders with access to only what is important for the "transaction", without allowing them to affect the code in the main application.
For example, when you make an online purchase, the store's website communicates with your bank via an API.
Google Maps offers its API to any developers who want to create apps using its mapping technology.


Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux are the three largest ______ _______ .

operating systems


What term describes the effort of making a website appear more frequently in web searches?

Search engine optimisation (SEO)


What is the small unit of digital memory that is enough to code a single character (letter, number, symbol)?

a byte

Each byte is made up of 8 smaller units called bits.


What feature allowed Google to quickly become the world's major search engine, supplanting all other search engines by the early 21st century?

Page Rank Algorithm

While other search engines of the early computer era based their results primarly on keywords and page hits, Google focused on the quality of each web page using a formula called Page Rank.
This algorithm regularly indexes the entire web to measure the degree to which sites link to each other, thus determining which pages are most "credible" based on the number of other sites are linking to them and a number of other factors.
The exact algorithm is continually being refined, and is kept secret by Google.


What is the name of the markup language used to code simple web pages?

HTML, or HyperText Markup Language

The language was first used in 1993. The most recent version, HTML5, was released in 2014.