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what is the microbiome?

the microorganisms in our body


Describe the evidence linking the microbiome to obesity.

humans and mice that were obese had different communities of microbiomes than those who were lean. mice given obese bacteria from humans gained more weight despite eating less


How does our diet influence the microbiome?

what food we eat is also what food our microbes eat therefore if we don't eat food containing the nutrients our microbiomes need, then the microbiome suffers.


What kinds of foods are good for our microbiome?

probiotics, foods with high levels of indigestible fibre


How does a short-term junk food diet effect the microbiome and how long does it take the microbiome to recover?

junk food reduces diversity in our microbiome.


How does antibiotic use and method of birth influence the microbiome and the risk of obesity?

microbiome is assaulted by antibiotics. they don't just kill bad bacteria, they also kill good bacteria. antibiotics given to children increases chance of obesity.

babies delivered naturally have more microbe diversity than babies delivered by c-section. birth canal delivered mothers bacteria to the babies developing immune system