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Which are the four motivation factors for people at work?

- Achievement
- Recognition
- Responsibility
- Interesting Work


ITIL Service Value Chain

It is an operating model which covers the key activities required to effectively manage products and services.


What is the purpose of the Workflow and Talent Management practice?

To enable organization, leaders, and managers to focus on creating an effective and actionable people strategy so that the organization can achieve its mission, goals,, and strategic objectives.


MoSCoW Method

A simple prioritization technique for managing requirements.
It allows stakeholders to explicitly agree on the different priorities.
- Must
- Should
- Could
- Won't


What are the 7 guiding principles

1. Focus on Value
2. Start Where you Are
3. Progress Interactively with Feedback
4. Collaborate and promote Visibility
5. Think and work Holistically
6. Keep it Simple and Practical
7. Optimize and Automate


Define user

A person who uses services


What are Service Providers

An organization who provision services. They can be Internal or External to the Consumers organization.


What is an Organization

A person or group of people that has its own functions with responsibilities, authorities, and relationships to achieve its objectives.


Define Sponsor

Person who authorizes budget for service consumption


What is the definition of Service Management

A set of Specialized Organizational Capabilities for enabling value for customers in the form of services.


Value Stream

A Value Stream describes how value is created, from demand to value realization, often through the delivery of Services and Products.
It is a series of steps.


Define Product

A configuration of an organizations resources designed to offer value for a customer.


Sourcing Modules

1) Insourcing
2) Outsourcing


Outsourcing Modules

- Onshoring
- Nearshoring (minimum time zone difference)
- Offshoring (big timezone difference)


What is Value?

The perceived Benefits, Usefulness and Importance of something.


What are the main parts of the Service Value System (SVS)?

- Guiding Principles
- Governance
- Service Value Chain
- Practices
- Continual Improvement


Define Service

Means for enabling value co-creation by facilitating outcomes that customers want to achieve without the customer having to manage specific costs and risks.


Service Empathy

The ability to recognize, understand, predict, and project interests, needs, intentions and experience of another party, in order to establish, maintain and improve service relationship.


How is Value created?

It is co-created through active collaboration between providers, consumers and other organizations.

It is not uni-directional.


Little's Law when talking about key metrics for Value Streams

Work in Progress = Throughput x Leadtime


= Throughput x (Cycle Time + Wait Time)


What are the key elements of a Continual Service Improvement culture?

- Transparency
- Management by example
- Building Trust
- Active encouragement of positive behaviors
- Clear Continual Improvement expectations
- Marketing and Celebration of success


Service Mindset

An important component of organizational culture, which defines organization's behavior in service relationships. It includes shared values and guiding principles adopted and followed by the organization.


Define Service Consumers

An organization who receives services


What is the first step of the guiding principle "Focus on Value"?

Determine who the service Consumer is in each situation.


Value Stream Mapping (VSM)

Used to gain insight into an organisations workflow. Can be used to identify both value adding and value non-adding activities in a Value Stream, while providing insight into opportunities for optimization and automation.
It can be seen as an assessment and also planning.


What are the 6 key activities of the Service Value Chain?

- Plan
- Improve
- Engage
- Design/Transition
- Obtain/Build
- Deliver/Support


How to develop and nurture good team culture?

- Incorporate the vision into the team culture
- Meeting regularly,
- Creating Leaders, more than Managers
- Encouraging informed teams
- Cross Training employees
- Integrating socially
- Providing Feedback
- Promoting a culture of learning


Key Metrics for Value Streams

- Cycle Time
- Wait Time
- Queue
- Lead Time
- Work in Progress
- Throughput


Why Measure?

- Justify
- Direct
- Validate
- Intervene


What are the Four dimensions of Service Management?

- Organizations and People
- Information and Technology
- Partners and Suppliers
- Value Streams and Processes