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Give the rough percentages of where water is found in the body

40% of total body weight is in intracellular fluid
20% of total body weight is in extracellular fluid - 20% of ECF is plasma and 80% of ECF is interstitial fluid


What separates plasma from interstitial fluid?

capillary wall


What separates interstitial fluid from the intracellular fluid?

cell membrane


Is the cell membrane permeable to water, urea, Na, K?

Yes - water and urea
No - Na and K


Is the capillary wall permeable to water, urea, na, K, plasma protein?

Yes - water, urea, na, K
No - plasma protein


If you want to increase the fluid volume of the ECF but not the ICF, what would you use?

Saline solution IV


if you want to increase the fluid volume of plasma only, what would you use?

Colloid IV


How is thirst monitored?

Monitored by osmoregulators in hypothalamus. Rise in plasma osmolarity = thirst


How does ADH and the RAAS system work to regulate body fluid?

Increase plasma osmolarity = ADH release, increase water reabsorption in the CD and late DCT
Low sodium and chloride concentration = RAAS system activated to increase reabsorption of ions and water