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What is Sectionalism? (Know Regions and their goals)

Each region wanted different things


John C. Calhoun

Spokesperson for the South, supported states rights and slavery.


Daniel Webster

Spokesperson for North, supported policies that strengthened the nation or U.S. Businessman.


Henry Clay

Spokesperson for West, wanted National unity through compromise.


Outcome of Rush Bagot Treaty

A treaty that set limits on the number of naval ships U.S. and Britain could have on the Great Lakes.


Outcome of Convention of 1818

U.S. signed a treaty with Britain resolving boundary issues and providing for the joint occupation of the Oregon country.


Outcome of Adams-Onis Treaty

Adams used military force on Spain demanding either control of the inhabitants of East Florida or cede it to the U.S., define Western limits of Louisiana Purchase


Outcome of Webster Ashburton Treaty

U.S. and Britain established Northeastern boundary of U.S. and provided U.S. corporation in the suppression of the slave, granted U.S. navigations on the St. John river, established a join naval system for suppressing the slave trade off the African coast.


How did the U.S. recieve East Florida?

Adams-Onis Treaty


What is the Monroe Doctrine?

The U.S. will not interfere with existing European countries in America, the U.S. will oppose any new European settlements in America.


What was the Missouri Compromise?

Created to preserve the balance of power in Congress between slave and free state, Missouri was admitted as a slave state and Maine was admitted as a free state to balance out slave and free states


What is the Spoils system?

Jackson replaced government officials with his campaign supporters, he thought it was expanding democracy.


What is the Era of Good Feeling?

A time period in which Americans began to have a sense of national purpose after the War of 1812


How did Jackson promote Democracy? (voting/election)

Jackson eliminated the caucus system, he also created nominating conventions, he changed the voting requirements so you don't have to own land


What was the Nullification Crisis? Who? Why?

The Tariff of 1828 helped the Northern manufacturers products cost less, but hurt the South because they had to pay more. The next tariff that was passed caused South Carolina to pass a Nullification act and threatened to Secede. Jackson then passed a Force bill and alerted troops in South Carolina, forced collection of the tariff and the compromise bill stopped any violence from happening.


North View on Tariffs?

Liked tariffs, made manufacturers products cost less


South View on Tariffs?

Disliked tariffs, made things more expensive.


How did Jackson kill the bank?

He withdrew all government deposits in the bank and it was forced to shut down


What was the Indian Removal Act? Who? Why? Court Case?

Jackson and Congress passed the Indian Removal Act, stating that Native American tribes would exchange their land East of the Mississippi for land on the West side or for money. The court ruled that the law can have no force on Cherokee territory.