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What claims did Jesus make in each of the following passages concerning his life and death?
John 3:14-15
John 8:28

John 3:14-15 - I will be lifted up like Moses lifted up the snake in the desert.
John 8:28 - when I am lifted up you can know I am who I claim to be.


What did Jesus claim people could know as a result of this act (John 8:28)

That He is God


What did Jesus have reference to when speaking of this act of being lifted up?

The way he would die (cruxifixction)


From each of the following passages state, in detail, the claims ofJesus about his death.
Matthew 16:21
Matthew 17:22-23
Matthew 20:18-19

Matthew 16:21 - I will suffer and die at Jerusalem, I will suffer at the hands of the Jewish religious leaders, I will be killed.
Matthew 17:22-23 - I will be betrayed, I will be killed
Matthew 20:18-19 - At Jerusalem I will be betrayed to the Jewish religious leaders, they will condemn me to death and turn me over to the Gentiles, the Gentiles will mock, beat and crucify me


What powers did Jesus claim to possess?

- Regarding his life
- Regarding his death

- Regarding his life - no one can take my life from me (no one can kill me)
- Regarding his death - I can die when I choose when I choose, I can come back to life when I choose

Jesus claims to have power over life and death


Summarise the claims of Jesus regarding his life and death

When I am crucified you to know that I am God.
At Jerusalem I will be betrayed to the Jewish religious leaders. They will condemn me to death and turn me over to the Gentiles.
The Gentiles will mock, beat and crucify me.
No one can take my life from me; I can die when I choose


What is the only kind of being that could make good on these claims

A supernatural being – God


What were the Jewish leaders trying to do to Jesus and include attempt done at birth

They were trying to kill him.
Matthew 2:13–21 - Herod tried to kill Jesus at his birth but after being warned in a dream, his parents took him to Egypt


The writer of the book of John claimed that all of these attempts on the life of Jesus failed for a particular reason. What was that reason?

"His time had not yet come"


What did the writer of John mean when he used the particular phrase written about Jesus' s death?

It was not time for him to die


More information on Jesus is death

Jesus came to die, and the Jewish religious leaders wanted him dead. However the battle at this point between them was the time and manner of death that Jesus wanted and the time and manner of that the Jews wanted were in conflict. Jesus claimed he came to die only by the particular means of crucifixion and at the fixed time which the father had predestined. The Jewish religious leaders, on the other hand, were seeking any opportunity available to them to rid themselves of their tormentor, which they could manage without creating and uproar against them from the multitudes of the common people. It was in the heat of this conflict that Jesus claims that he had the power to keep anyone from taking his life. He claimed he had a certain destiny to fulfil and no power from anywhere could alter it.


What was done to hasten the time of death?

Breaking the legs of the crucified person


Name the place where Jesus was crucified



At what time was Jesus on the cross

The third hour of the day (9 AM)


What written charge was placed above Jesus' head

Jesus of Nazareth, the king of the Jews


What time did Jesus die

The ninth hour of the day (3 PM)


How long was Jesus on the cross before he died?

Six hours


What was pilate's reaction when he learned of Jesus' death

He was surprised and checked with the centurion to see that he was really dead.


List four statements statements Jesus said while on the cross

Eloi, Eloi lama sabachthani - My god, My God, why have you forsaken me.
I am thirsty
It is finished
Father, into your hands I commit my spirit


What unusual things was Jesus doing at the point of his death?

He was drinking
He was crying out loudly
His head was erect


What conclusion was reached by the Roman centurion when he saw the way Jesus died?

Surely this man was the son of God Matthew 15:39


What did all of the disciples do at the time Jesus was arrested on the night before his crucifixion?

They deserted him and ran away


On what charge did the Jewish religious leaders condemn Jesus

Blast for me – he claimed to be God


What did Peter do while Jesus was on trial before the Sanhedrin

He denied knowing Jesus three times


Who asked pilot for the body of Jesus?

Joseph of Arimathea


What was pilot surprised to hear about Jesus?

That he was already dead


Describe the method used to prepare the body of Jesus

They wrapped the body in strips of the linen, applying 75 pounds (34 kg) of spices (mixture of myrrh and aloes) as they wrapped him.


According to whose burial customs was the body prepared?

Jewish burial custom


What was placed in front of the tomb

A big stone


Where was Jesus placed after his preparation for burial?

In a new tomb that belongs to Joseph in the garden when he was crucified


What group acted to make sure the tomb was secure?

The Jewish religious leaders


Why did they want the tomb to be secure

To keep the disciples, or anyone else from stealing the body and faking a resurrection


Who assisted them in making the tomb secure

Pilate, the Roman governor


What measures were taken to secure the tomb?

Roman guards were placed at the tomb.
A Roman seal was put on the tomb.


Who came to the tomb early on the first day of the week?

Mary Magdalene, Mary the mother of James, Salome, Joanna and the other woman


What were they concerned about on the way to the tomb

Who would roll away the big stone


Who spoke to the woman at the tomb

Two angels


What did they tell the woman to do

Go and tell the disciples


How did the disciples receive the women's report

What they said sounded like nonsense, so they did not believe them


What two men ran to the tomb to look for the body of Jesus

Peter and John


What conclusion was reached by the two men

The body was really gone


What did the guards do while the women were on their way to report to the disciples

Went into the city and told the Jewish religious leaders everything that had happened


What did the Jewish religious leaders do to prevent the spread of the report made to them by the guards

They bribed the guards


What story did the Jewish leaders tell the guards to report?

That Jesus' disciples had come and stolen the body while they were asleep


What protection was offered to the guards are Jewish leaders?

If Pilate hears the story, we will keep you out of trouble


After the disciples had returned home, whom did Mary Magdalene see at the tomb?

Two angels seated where Jesus' body had been


Who did Mary go to tell when she realised who she had met

She went and told the disciples she had seen Jesus


What was the response of this group when they heard Mary's report?

They didn't believe her


To whom did Jesus appear next

To disciples going to the town of Emmaus


Where did they go and what did they do after they recognised Jesus?

They went back to Jerusalem and told disciples that it was true. Jesus had risen from the dead


What response did they receive after their report

The disciples did not believe them


On the evening of that first day of the week what group was together

All of the disciples


What had this group down to the room in which they were staying?

Locked the doors


Why had they done this to the room?

They were afraid of the Jewish religious leaders


Who came and stood among them



What did they think they were seeing

A ghost


How did this person conceive them of who he was?

He showed them his hands and side


Who was not there when he appeared to them?



How did Jesus convince this man that he had been resurrected

Touch my hands and side. Stop doubting and believe


What did this person call Jesus

My Lord and my God


If the resurrection is true, what three things does it prove

There is a God
Jesus is God
The Bible is God's Word (it is from God)


What are some logical questions that we need to be asked based on the evidence presented in John 20:1–8?

Who moved the stone?
Who/what the body out of the tomb?
When was the tomb found to be empty?
Why were the grave clothes left in the tomb?


Give reliable evidence that the disciples of Jesus didn't take the body

They were afraid of the Jewish leaders
They were locked in a room
They did not believe that Jesus would be resurrected
There were guards at the tomb
The guards did not say they took the body


Give reliable evidence that the Jewish religious leaders didn't take the body of Jesus

They wanted the body to stay in the tomb
They asked Pilate for the guards to secure the tomb
They told the guards to lie when they had told them what they had seen
They couldn't produce the body to show they had it


Give reliable evidence to show that Pilate and the Roman government didn't take the body of Jesus

Pilate provided the guards for the Jewish religious leaders
Pilate wanted to appease the Jewish religious leaders (keep them happy)
The guards did not say pilot took the body
Pilate had no reason to take the body (he didn't want to fake a resurrection)


Give reliable evidence as to why the guards wouldn't have taken the body of Jesus

They have no reason to take the body
They could have been put to death for failing to do their duty
The Jewish religious leaders bribed them to lie when they heard the story about Angels moving the stone
Historical evidence indicates they had no reason to take the body nor did they take it


Give reliable evidence as to why grave robbers didn't take the body of Jesus

The guards were at the tomb
Guards didn't say that graverobbers took the body
Historical evidence doesn't indicate they took the body


Give reliable evidence as to why animals didn't take the body of Jesus

The guards were at the tomb
The guards didn't say an animal took the body
Historical evidence indicates that an animal didn't take the body


Name the four alternative theories to the resurrection and a reason as to why they are not correct

The swoon theory: this theory states that Jesus did not die on the cross. He just passed out and was put into the tomb alive and got out of the tomb by himself. This is not correct as Jesus could not have got past the guards
The theft theory: this theory states that someone came and stole the body while the Roman gods were still asleep. This is not correct as historical evidence says the guards were not asleep. Penalty for sleeping was death.
The hallucination theory: this theory states that no one actually saw a resurrected Jesus. Everyone who claims to have seen him was actually hallucinating. This is not correct as not everyone hallucinates
The women and subsequently everyone else, went to the wrong tomb: this theory states that everyone who went to the tomb were Jesus was laid after his death returned to the wrong tomb later. This is not correct as the guards were at the right tomb


How does the fact that the tomb was open and empty on the 3rd day is an evidence that Jesus was resurrected.

- Jesus had prophesied that he would be resurrected on the third day
- Jesus had power over when dies and came back to life
- There is no other possible way the tomb could have been left empty
- The story the guards told was true