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Head/Neck Flexion

Nodding head forward.
• Sternocleidomastoid (bilateral)
• Scalenes (bilateral) assist


Head/Neck Extension

Moving head back (looking up).
• Semispinalis Capitis
• Semispinalis Cervicis
• Splenius Capitus (bilateral)


Head/Neck Lateral Flexion

Tilting head toward a shoulder.
• Sternocleidomastoid (same side as movement)
• Scalene (unilateral) assists


Head/Neck Rotation

Turning head as in "no."
• Semispinalis Capitis
• Sternocleidomastoid (on opposite side of movement)
• Semispinalis Cervicis
• Splenius Capitis (bilateral)
• Longissimus Capitis


Shoulder Girdle Protraction

(aka Abduction) Forward movement away from midline; moving scapula away from the spine during protraction of the shoulder girdle (as in push ups).
• Serratus Anterior
• Pectoralis Minor


Shoulder Girdle Retraction

(aka Adduction) Backward movement toward the midline of the body; moving the scapula back toward spine during retraction of shoulder girdle (as in rowing machine).
• Rhomboids
• Trapezius


Shoulder Girdle Upward Rotation

Rotary movement of scapula, moving inferior angle of scapula laterally and upward (as in seated, reaching up slightly behind head and pushing up).
• Serratus Anterior


Shoulder Girdle Downward Rotation

Rotary movement of scapula, moving inferior angle of scapula medially and downard (as in top of chin up).
• Pectoralis Minor


Shoulder Girdle Elevation

Superior movement of shoulder girdle, moving scapula up (as in shoulder shrug).
• Levator Scapula
• Trapezius


Shoulder Girdle Depression

Inferior movement of the shoulder girdle, moving scapula down (as in release of shrug).
• Trapezius
• Latissimus Dorsi


Shoulder Joint Flexion

Lifting arms up/above head, as in top of sun salutation/diving posture.
• Pectoralis Major
• Coracobrachialis
• Anterior Deltoid
• Biceps


Shoulder Joint Extension

Sending arms back behind body, as in top of locust pose.
• Posterior Deltoid
• Latissimus Dorsi


Shoulder Joint Abduction

Moving arms out to the side (like making letter "T").
• Middle Deltoid
• Supraspinatus


Shoulder Joint Adduction

Bringing arms toward body and back to side.
• Pectoralis Major
• Latissimus Dorsi
• Teres Major


Shoulder Joint Rotation, Internal

Bringing arm anteriorly, toward midline (as in end of swinging tennis racket).
• Pectoralis Major
• Anterior Deltoid
• Latissimus Dorsi
• Teres Major
• Subscapularis


Shoulder Joint Rotation, External

Bringing arm/shoulder outward, away from body (as in outside of bent arm lateral weight rotation).
• Posterior Deltoid
• Teres Minor
• Infraspinatus


Shoulder Joint Horizontal Abduction

Moving shoulder-height arm backward, away from body (as in Jeff's stretch with resistance band).
• Posterior Deltoid


Shoulder Joint Horizontal Adduction

Bringing shoulder-height arm forward across front of body (moving medially).
• Pectoralis Major
• Anterior Deltoid