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How could you improve the app?

• make it more bubbly
o integrate the ads more into the structure of the app instead of a banner
• grindr for equality
o implement more into the app
• Integrate more community based features into the app.
• Scissr, Grindher
o I don’t what the companies goals are in regards to that but it to me it seems rather difficult for lesbians to use.
o Read about difficulties with men pretending to be women


Describe youself

o My name is sam
o I volunteered with the pride centre at my university for a few years
 Helped keep the space open
 Helped set up and decorate events
o I love working with people
o Bioinformatics
 High honours
o Computer Science
o Semester in Stockholm
Work experience
o Research within Bioinformatics labs
 Cancer and bone marrow
 Like doing front end more
 Like creating something that people can interact with
o Run company called web dexter design
 Created my own website
 Website for suddenly Saskatchewan
 Created using react -> skills would transfer to React Native
o Taught game development to youth
o iOS development
 Yapper
• Social media
• Firebase
• Cocoapods
 SealSounds
• Crybaby learns to swim
• Make sure you download it after this phonecall, it’s really important


Greatest Weakness

Mostly self taught for iOS development
o Not a lot of experience developing with a team
 Would really like to develop with a team to improve my coding practices


Greatest Strength

• I can teach myself a lot. The app on my website was created by teaching myself iOS development
o as well the websites that I have created.
• Very motivated
• I’m very interested in iOS development and have been building my skills towards doing this.
• I’m certain that iOS development is the field of Computer Science that I want to be doing, it’s just so much nicer.


Why should we hire you

• I’m going to get things done and I’m going to make them look nice
• I’m devoted to helping the LGBTQ community
o Where I live the community isn’t very strong
• I’m always learning
• I try to stay really informed
o I try to read articles that reflect points of view which I haven’t considered before


How will your past experience help with this role

• Running the company
o Improved my skills teaching myself
o Given me experience with iOS, Swift, React
 Webpack
 Firebase
• Binf lab
o Taught me to remake programs to get them the right way
o python


Talk about your education

• School
o Web Development
 Taught me a lot of the theory fundamentals
• Networks
o Mobile and cloud computing
• Most scalable for communicating
 Functional programming
o Database course
• Stockholm
o Queer communities are quite different in other countries
o My university in Saskatchewan actually had better support for Queer people than in Stockholm


What interests you about the position and the work

• I like doing socially beneficial work. I would love to be able to incorporate it with my day job.
• This job would combine my professional skills with the things that I’m passionate for


What do you know about the company

• Grindr for Equality
o Would love to integrate the resources listed online into the app
• Gaymoji
• Into
• A lot of people view Grindr as a hookup app
o Not everyone
o Here it’s different for urban vs rural communities
 I live in a small city


How did you resolve a conflict

• Usually with empathy and understanding
• Apologize for my mistakes
• Work hard to find a resolution
• Jeff really unmotivated
o Didn’t seem like he didn’t want to do it
 Just looked up youtube videos on Yu-Gi-Oh and stuff a lot
o I had worked for his dad in the past
 His dad was very motivated
 Expected that he would probably go down a similar path in the future
o Set him up to succeed
o Made sure I gave him periodic attention
o Tried to understand why he wasn’t motivated
o Tried to encourage him in a way that he would enjoy it


Do you have any questions for us

• Where do you see the future of the company?
• How large is the company?
• How experienced would my co-workers be?
• How passionate would my co-workers be?