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What is Biblical faith?

NOT philosophical


What is Biblical faith grounded in?

The historicity of the events recorded;
NOT in philosophical truth


What books are included in the Deuteronomistic History?

-1 & 2 Samuel
-1 & 2 Kings


What is another name for the group of books: Joshua, Judges, Ruth, 1 & 2 Samuel, 1 & 2 Kings?

The Deuteronomistic History


Why did Moses solemnly charge his people to destroy the Canaanites?

Not only as a punishment but also to prevent the spiritual contamination of God’s chosen people


What are the themes of Joshua?

-Israel moves from Promise to Possession
-The Conquest of Canaan
-God’s Holiness
-God’s faithfulness
-The Achievement of Rest


What are 2 major symbols in Joshua?

--Exodus=Salvation is OFFERED
--Crossing the Jordan=Salvation is RECEIVED


What is the revealed truth in the genocide of the Canaanites commanded?

The believer’s need to purge all sin from one’s life. If you ‘have mercy’ on any sin within you, it will become a contaminant and a grave danger to your spiritual survival. You must declare complete warfare on all known sin leaving ‘no quarter’ (“take no prisoners”) to the enemy.


Who are the 3 most important individuals in the era of the book of Joshua?



What period of time does the book of Joshua cover?

25 years


What does the book of Joshua cover?

The invasion, conquest, and settlement of the nation Israel


Like the scarlet cord hanging from a sinner's window, so...

...the blood of Christ also created a haven of protection from the judgement of God for anyone, good or bad, young or old, slave or free, as long as they came into that sanctuary.


What was a metaphor of the blood of Christ creating a haven of protection from the judgement of God for anyone?

The scarlet cord hanging from a sinner's window


What is one of the many lessons we learn in the book of Joshua?

God may ask you to do things that seem unreasonable or illogical. This may be training in faith to be sure you understand that even with your own wisdom and reasoning you must always be as fully dependent and faithful to God as Jesus was


Who did Rahab later marry?

A Hebrew man named Salmon


Who did Rahab later become?

The great-great-grandmother of King David and an ancestor to Christ


What are the 2 principles seen in Ai and the Sin of Achan?

1. Purification from sin
2. Achan is not the only one who suffered for his sin


What two lessons do we learn from Gibeonite deception?

1. It is never inappropriate to seek God’s council
2. As creatures created in the image of God, God supremely honors our words


Who were the judges?

-The judges were not legal authorities as we would think of using that word today.
-They were charismatic military leaders whom God raised up and empowered for specific tasks


What is the cycle used to introduce 6 of the judges

-War and slavery


What is the required verse from Judges? And how many times is it repeated?

-"In those days, there was no king in Israel; everyone did that which was right in his own eyes.”
-4 times


What is the warning for today (that we get from the required verse)?

Just as this humanistic world view led to spiritual bankruptcy in ancient Israel, so it will lead to the same thing today


What were the theological purposes of Judges?

--To show Israel how easily they were influenced by the nations they did not drive out and destroy.
--To show why Israel was often defeated and made servants of other nations.
--To show the severity of the kind of apostasy they were capable of


What does Judges record?

The failure of the theocracy (rule directly under God) due to their lack of faith and obedience


What is a theocracy?

A rule directly under God


Who was the first judge?
Who was he related to and how was he related?

--The nephew and the son-in-law of Caleb


Why did God cut down the number of Israeli soldiers?

To force them to understand that they could not boast that they accomplished this victory by themselves, but only through the power of God


What are some of the warnings that we need to be aware of when it comes to "using a fleece"?

--If taking Scripture as a whole, it would seem that as one's relationship with God deepens, the need for such prayers is reduced
--Using a fleece can easily degenerate into an unhealthy form of shamanism
--As these forms of prayer rarely occur in Scripture it is probable that God intends that they should be rare in our lives as well, otherwise they could be abused and used as "charms" to "conjure" an answer from God. This can reduce the relational aspect of prayer to simple button-pushing.


What was Ruth?

A moabite


What does Ruth become?

The second "foreigner" to become a part of the genealogy of the Messiah


Besides Ruth, who else is a foreigner part of the genealogy of the Messiah?



What were the requirements and fulfillments of the Kinsman-Redeemer as a type of Christ?

-Must be a blood relative
Fulfillment in Christ:
-Christ born of a woman

-Be able to purchase forfeited inheritance
Fulfillment in Christ:
-Christ had the merit to pay the price for sinners

-Be willing to buy back the forfeited inheritance
Fulfillment in Christ:
-Christ willingly laid down His life

-Be willing to marry the wife of the deceased kinsman
Fulfillment in Christ:
-The Church became the Bride of Christ