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The Rebbe


Chabad houses/shluchim programs “love your neighbour as you love yourself”,
Tikkun Olam

Jewish women’s organisations (Lubavitch women’s organisation 1953)
“She opens her mouth with wisdom;”
Btzelem Elokim

Sunday dollars
“tzedakah and acts of kindness are equivalent of all the mitzvot of the torah”
Gemilat chassidim

Mitzvah tanks
“even though he sins he is still an Israelite of Israel”
Btelem Elokim


Sexual ethics

Sex before marriage
“Adam knew his wife eve”
-	Shomer Negiah
“None of you shall come near anyone of his own flesh to uncover nakedness”
Tikkun Olam

Relationship within marriages
- Niddah
“If they see one drop, they wait 7 days after it”
- Importance of sexual relations in Judaism
“be fruitful and multiply”
Shalom Bayit

Relationship with god and man – keeping the covenant 
-	Masturbation
“be holy because I, your god am holy”
“Onan killed by god for wasting seed”
Btzelem Elokim



1) Keeping the covenant
Marriage man to obey god commands allowing for self-fulfilment and compassion
- “It is not good for man to be alone”
Completing god’s goals for humanity, continuing the Jewish population with procreation
- “be fruitful and multiply”

2) Allowing for Shalom Bayit

Marriage ceremony allows two to set up happy healthy relationship,
- Enjoy life with the wife you love
Chuppah signifies a new home being created with all doors open accepting new people into their lives
- Giving of plain, non-expensive rings signify marriage is not based on materialistic reasons, and circular ring shows marriage being step forward in cycle of life

3) Developing tikkun olam through marriage
Marriage ceremony brings together the community, bringing joy and love in new relationship seen with the chora and feast
- Commandment in the torah, commanding wedding guests ‘to bring joy to bride and groom’

Marriage must have minyan, hence forced to bring community together




” leave the corners of your fields”
“you shall maintain him, even if he is a stranger”
“love your neighbour as yourself”