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What is our duty?

We know something is our duty if we believe everybody else should have acted that way, in the same circumstance.


What does universalise mean?

Something which everyone should do.


What is the kingdom of ends?

It is an ideal where we all follow the categorical imperative (his theory), and so we are all treated as ends, and not means to an end.


Is Kant's theory deontological, or teleological?

It is deontological. This means it focuses on the action one takes, and not the consequences, like in utilitarianism.


What story illustrates a problem with the categorical imperative, and how?

The story of the inquiring murderer. (Look it up in your notes). Kant would say your duty is not to lie, but that means letting the other man die.


What is a good action?

One which is done by the right motive or intention. The only right motive is duty. An action is only good if we ought to have done it, and no other reason.


What does kant say to the problems with the inquiring murderer?

Kant would say that all you have to take responsibility for is your action, the consequence isn't your fault. However, letting the man die feels wrong, and leads to conflicting duties.


Is Kant's theory too idealistic?

Kant's theory could be too idealistic, as even if we ought to do something, we aren't always likely to.