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Oxidative decarboxylation 1-4

Acetyl CoA-> CO2

-3: isocitrate is decarboxylated and dehydrogenated to form 5C and NADH

-4: another CO2 is lost, NAD + reduce to NADH


Substrate level phosphorylation

Directly px 2 net molecules of ATP per glucose mole


Oxidative phosphorylation

-reduced coenzymes (6NADH+ H+ and 2 FADH2) carry high energy e to ETC

-oxidised by molecular oxygen in ETC


5 pdts?

1. 2 oxaloacetate are regenerated for Kerb cycle

2. 6NADH for OP

3. 2FADH2 for OP

4. 2ATP for SLP

5. 4CO2