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What did Burke say about representative democracy?

"Your representative owes you not his industry only but his judgement, and he betrays you if he sacrifices it to your opinion"


What did Clement Attlee say about referendums?

"A tool of demagogues and dictators", "a device so alien to all our traditions"


What did A.V. Dicey call referendums?

A "people's veto"


Under what circumstances did Blair say a referendum was necessary?

"In the case of major constitutional change"


How did Thatcher describe the 1975 EEC referendum?

It served only to "sacrifice parliamentary sovereignty to political expediency"


What did the academic Noreena Hertz say about the changing nature of participation in 2001?

"It's not about apathy; whilst voting is waning, alternative forms of expression are all on the rise"


What did Peter Pulzer say about class in UK politics in 1967?

"Class is the basis of British party politics; all else is embellishment and detail."


What was the stated aim of Thatcher's brand of conservatism?

"Rolling back the frontiers of the state"


How did Cameron describe the Conservatives under him?

"Liberal conservatives"


How did Gerald Kaufman describe the Labour Party's radically left-wing 1983 manifesto?

"The longest suicide note in history"


What did Ernest S. Griffiths say about elitism in pressure groups?

"Truth customarily emerges from a battle of protagonists"


How did Douglas Hurd describe pressure groups?

"Serpents that strangle efficient government"


What did Wyn Grant say about internal pressure group democracy?

"We need to ask questions about whom [pressure groups] represent and how their policies are arrived at"


What did John Major say about his party's 1992 manifesto?

"It was all me"