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What does the word ethics come from and what does it mean?

The Greek word ethos - means character/custom.


What does the word morality come from and what does it mean?

The Latin word moralis - means custom/manner.


What does ethics and morality "deal with"?

The custom/manner in which people do things. The way people act - if it's good or bad.


How could you define morals?

The personal character and its behavior. Its opinions about right or wrong.


How could you define ethics?

A social system in which the morals are applied.


What's the difference between morals and ethics?

A person's morals might not change over time whilst ethics could change depending on "content". Ex: Social/professional/family ethics. Also, a dictionary defines ethics as teachings about morality.


Where do/could we get our values from?

Parents, school, friends, own experiences, religion etc.


Describe Duty ethics.

It's also called deontology. It's about following regulations when deciding what's right or wrong. A famous follower is Immanuel Kant.


Describe Utilitarianism.

It focuses on the consequences. It's about choosing the solution that will provide you with the best result. "The greatest happiness of the greatest number" describes it, meaning that a wrong action might be a good solution and vice versa.


Describe Virtue ethics.

It focuses on intentions. "Good intentions will lead to the right actions". It traces back to Platon's and Aristotle's theories about virtues.


What does Creationism believe?

A supernatural being created life.


What does Darwinism believe?

Evolution created life.


What does Socialism believe?

Equality and justice for all.


What does Humanism believe?

All humans have the same value and rights.


What does Intelligent design believe?

Certain features of the universe and of living things are best explained by an intelligent cause, not an indirect process like natural selection.